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Family, coffee and Depeche Mode. Ultra Architects in the fall edition of FOPA 2022

Ola Kloc
16 of November '22

In a few days, the autumn edition of the Festival of Open Architecture Studios will start! In this edition of FOPY, the event that accompanies the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress(November 22-23), we will move (among others) to Poznan, where we will approach the work of architects from the award-winning Ultra Architects!

Broadcast of the meeting will be available on our channels


As part of the autumn edition of the Festival of Open Architecture Studios, we will visit offices in: Poznan - on Thursday(November 24 at 13:00) we will take a look at Ultra Architects, on Friday (November 25 at 13:00) we will move to the Tricity and the headquarters of the MAARTE studio, and a few days later, on Monday(November 28 at 15:00) from Sopot we will leave for New York, where the Only If office will virtually open its doors for us.

Ultra Architects
November 24, 1 pm

It is not important how many tons of "concrete" you use in life, it is important how.

These words of Jan Kaplicky, a Czech architect, have become the motto of the studio founded by Marcin Kościuch and Tomasz Osięgłowski. The team, which consists of ten people, creates well-thought-out architecture (mainly residential, such as the building at the Wildecki Market in Poznań, and office buildings, including the already iconic headquarters of the weekly newspaper "Wiadomości Wrzesińska") carefully inscribed in the context and paying attention to the economic conditions of the investment.

Budynek „Wiadomości Wrzesińskich”

The building of "Wiadomości Wrzesińska"

photo: Dawid Majewski

The studio's realizations are appreciated in many industry competitions and plebiscites - the architects have to their credit, among others, the Jan Baptista Quadro Award of the City of Poznań. Jana Baptysty Quadro (2016) for the Za Bramką Office Building, inscribed in the historic fabric of the city (the building was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe European Architecture Award!), an award in the 2nd edition of the NAWW competition, or numerous distinctions in competitions Nagroda Roku SARP.

Biurowiec Za Bramką w Poznaniu

Za Bramką office building in Poznan

photo: Przemyslaw Turlej

Would you like to know more about the studio? The team edited one of the issues of A&B - we recommend reading issue 12/2020. You will have the opportunity to askyour questions already on November 24, and in the meantime we invite you to a short Q&A-style warm-up, which will not be short of musical inspirations!

Ola Kloc
: Where did the name of the studio come from

Marcin Kościuch: It's a story still from the years when we were in Studio ADS... It was 1997, spring, we were working then on some competition, and exactly at that time Depeche Mode's album "Ultra" came out. Most of the time you work very intensively at that time, often until late, and the music becomes part of this work. The "Ultra" album flew virtually non-stop for two weeks... Everything at some point was "ultra", even the word "architecture" we changed to "ultratecture". At the time we decided that it was a great word to use as a name for the office in some abstract future, because the word "ultra" speaks of pushing the limits, of being into something very hard, extreme, excessive, and after all, our profession expects us to do exactly that. And so a few years later, on January 15, 2004 to be exact, Ultra was founded.

Złamany Dom

Broken House

photo: Dawid Majewski

: The studio is for us....

Marcin: Almost a home, and co-workers are almost a family....

: What was your first project about?

Marcin: As usually happens in such cases, the first order came from friends who wanted to do the interior of their own office. You can see them on our website. This is the interior for the IP System office.

: The dream project is...

Marcin: Design of a kindergarten or school.

Zespół budynków mieszkalnych Trójpole

A complex of residential buildings in Tri-pole

Photo: Dawid Majewski

: Our favorite design tool is...

Marcin: Brain, and after that all options come into play.

: Does the team have any regular habits / rituals?

Marcin: Coffee, coffee and more coffee.


TheOpen Architecture Studio Festival is a companion event to the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress.

Partners of the event are:


Thepatron of theevent is theSARP Krakow Branch.

elaboration: Ola Kloc

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