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What will be built on the site of the Polish Grain Plants in Krakow?

27 of April '20

It was here that flour with a dragon braiding a cornfield on the package was produced. Now the brick buildings stand empty. It remains to be seen what fate will befall them. Not long ago, a major renovation of the old Peterseim factory on Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue and Zolkiewskiego Street took place. The previously dilapidated brick buildings gained new life.

It is uncertain whether the same future awaits the buildings on Jana Pawla II Avenue and Ladna Street in Krakow. The owner (current or future) has plenty of choice. There is a provision in the local plan for the possibility of adapting the buildings or erecting office buildings or a housing development in their place. On the side of Ładna Street, the new buildings can reach 16 meters in height, on the side of Jana Pawła II Avenue - 47 meters.

The production facility is entered in the municipal register of monuments, which does not protect it from demolition or reconstruction, however. This would only be ensured by an entry in the register of monuments. Currently, the site has been fenced off, and the four large grain silos located at the rear of the buildings have been demolished.

Flour production, which until a few years ago took place in the Krakow complex, has been moved to Niepołomice.

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