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Wirecko Rajza. Students' idea to revitalize Ruda Śląska

Dobrawa Bies
26 of April '21

Wirecko Rajza - a project to develop the space between Katowicka, 1 Maja and Targowa Streets in Wirk and create a pedestrian and bicycle path, complementing the Ruda Trakt. This is the idea of Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter and Ewa Sarna, three students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, to revitalize the central district of Ruda Śląska.

The Silesian University of Technology students' project is called "Wirecko Rajza," which means "Wirecka Podróż" in Silesian. The concept involves revitalizing the area between Katowicka, 1 Maja and Targowa streets. The authors planned a path there along with a bicycle loop to complement the Rudzki Tract. The tract is the flagship investment of Ruda Śląska in the context of pedestrian and bicycle routes and the revitalized post-industrial heap - Mount Antonia.

Projekt zakłada
wprowadzenie zieleni

The authors designed the path along with a bicycle loop

© Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter, Ewa Sarna

During the selection of topics for term papers, we came up with the idea to tackle the creation of a concept in the area of Ruda Śląska. The choice fell on the Wirek district - the city's service center with beautiful historical buildings (including Art Nouveau, Modernist and Neo-Romanesque), unfortunately largely destroyed by, among other things, the mining exploitation of nearby mines. We wanted to emphasize how important the center of Wirk is to the city, and proposed a pedestrian path along with a bike path that would complement the existing parts of the Route and form a loop around the heart of the district. Our goal was to revitalize places that are now unattractive and propose an interesting and friendly space for people of all ages. Everyone enjoys spending time surrounded by greenery. With this in mind, we proposed floral carpets, the slimming of parts of the facade or new plantings of trees and shrubs," the young architects add.

Wirecko Rajza
wprowadza zmiany w Rudzie Śląskiej

The authors' goal is to revitalize the Wirek district

© Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter, Ewa Sarna

greenery, recycling and urban art

What was important while working on the project was the low cost of making the proposed elements. The authors proposed using recycled elements, such as barrels to make flower pots or pallets, which could be used to create modular urban furniture. They also introduced elements of urban art - suspended umbrellas, murals with Silesian motifs or illuminated inscriptions in Silesian.

Wirecko Rajza,

There will be room for urban art and community initiatives in Wirk

© Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter, Ewa Sarna

The students also did not forget about the residents of Ruda - they proposed creating a local center for social initiatives, with a rich program of classes and activities. They prepared proposals for events that could take place in the refreshed Wirk - such as foodtruck rallies, summer cinema, a neighborhood market or concerts by local artists.

It is important for residents and entrepreneurs to participate in the implementation of such concepts, so we described the activities and proposed who, with the help of the city, could participate in creating better spaces in Wirk, the authors add.

Aplikacja mobilna
Wirecko Rajza

students also prepared a mobile application

© Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter, Ewa Sarna

mobile application

During the inventory, the students used modern technologies - photos and videos taken with a drone and photogrammetry, which gave them a three-dimensional model of the areas they were designing. They wanted to present the idea in an interesting and innovative way, so they created an entire graphic design - posters in the form of a map describing the project, as well as a virtual reality walk that allows you to move to the renovated Wirk. In addition, they have prepared a mobile application called "Wirecko Rajza", where you can find all the information about their project, as well as visualizations in virtual reality.

Wirecko Rajza na
terenie Wirka

Wirecko Rajza could be the beginning of a major transformation in Ruda Śląska

© Patryk Konior, Karol Pieter, Ewa Sarna

new life for degraded areas

"Wirecko Rajza" could become the beginning of larger transformations in Ruda Śląska and constitute the next stage of transforming degraded areas that are the remnants of the nearby steel mills and mines. It would be a friendly place for residents who, by joining in various initiatives, would create a strong local community.

The project was presented during a meeting of the Revitalization Committee of Ruda Śląska and won the approval of the city's authorities and committee members. The authors hope that some of the ideas could be implemented as part of the civic budget, so that residents would choose the most interesting elements of the project in their opinion.


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