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Gdansk: 334 new trees in locations chosen by residents

23 of August '21

Gdansk is boasting of a major planting of new greenery as part of its civic budget. 334 new trees of more than a dozen species are to appear in nine new locations, as many as eight of which were chosen by the citizens of Gdansk themselves. This project is an apt example of creating a city in accordance with the needs and opinions of citizens. Now the city is looking for a contractor to take care of the project, planting the new trees and tending them.

Another Tri-City locality is implementing a pro-green policy. We recently wrote about interesting solutions that have emerged in Gdynia, including the "Gdynia Citizens' Pockets" network of pocket parks . Now it's time to say two words about Gdansk's plans for the coming weeks. Well, the Gdansk Roads and Greenery Authority has announced that 334 new trees will be planted in the city as part of the implementation of civic budget projects. Where. In nine locations, eight of which were chosen by residents themselves.

The new greenery will appear both in parks and along road lanes, including in the Land of Fun in Reagan Park, in Diana and Helena Park, on Grunwaldzka Avenue in Oliva and on Obrońców Wybrzeża Street. As the Gdansk Roads and Greenery Authority points out, the project aims to increase shaded areas in the city, especially parks and playgrounds, often visited by Gdansk residents.

The goal of the project is to plant trees that would provide shade and allow both children and caregivers to stay comfortably in the playground. The trees would be planted as large as possible at once, in order to achieve the intended effect as soon as possible , according to a news release from the Gdańsk Roads and Greenery Management Board.

Planting trees in Gdansk

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More than a dozen species: maples, oaks, lindens and many others

More than a dozen species of trees will be among the new plantings.

We will be planting oaks, maples, rowans, cherries, lindens, gledits, ginkgoes, willows, beeches, plums, pines, spruces and firs , announces Konrad Marcinski of the Gdansk Roads and Greenery Management Board.

For example, 50 cherry trees will be planted along the path from Leszczynowa Street to Jabłoniowa Reservoir, which will bloom in spring. 20 trees will grow in Regan Park, and 35 in the streets: Swietokrzyska, Havla and Lostowicka. In turn, 73 new trees will appear in Diana and Helena Park, including Swedish rowan, common beech, small-leaved linden or white willow. In a word: it will be very diverse.

planting contractor sought - tender announced

Admittedly, the Gdansk Roads and Greenery Management Board has drawn up a preliminary planting plan, for example as to the number mentioned, but a company is needed to design the plantings and then plant the trees and take care of their maintenance. Accordingly, Gdansk has issued a tender for a contractor. Bids can be submitted until the end of August. You can read more about it on the GZDiZ website.

elaborated: Katarzyna Domagała

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