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5 ways to have a cozy interior. Inspirations straight from architectural studios

07 of May '20

Coziness is evidenced not by style, not by design, not by products of a particular brand, but by a warm atmosphere that brings solace and encourages relaxation at home. Moreover, there is no single "recipe" for cozy interiors - the arrangement depends on your individual preferences and tastes. This is an unquantifiable and subjective feature, so it's hard to judge it without knowing the character of the other person. On the other hand, its varied nature provides a wealth of design and design possibilities. Regardless of the budget you have, you can take care of creating a warm interior design in your home - all it takes is a little heart.

How to create a cozy interior?

There are several elements that you especially need to pay attention to when planning a cozy home. Ideas for soothing room decor can include the type of fabrics, lighting, flooring or simple investments like a fireplace. First think about what relaxes and relaxes you, and then get to work, keeping in mind the power inherent in detail and harmony. Learn tips on how to design a cozy interior and get inspired.

1. fabrics

On the armchair, sofa, chair or floor are an integral decorative element of the room. Their varied texture and colors give you the opportunity to create unique compositions that will perfectly fit into the style of your home. The quality of the material is important - even the most beautiful bedspread, if unpleasant to the touch and rough will effectively discourage rest. Curtains in the windows? Properly selected in terms of thickness and character will increase the sense of privacy and home aura. And a soft carpet on the floor in composition with velvet cushions of living room furniture will allow you to create a warm corner for family time, relaxing with friends or afternoon reading with coffee.

tkaniny we wnętrzach, projekt: pracownia ZUP-A

Design: ZUP-A studio

Visualization: studio Monsumm

2 Color scheme

The entire color palette of the interior is important here - ideally they should be bright and pleasing to the eye. Although black and cool shades can give the effect of a luxurious modern design, not necessarily a cozy atmosphere. But already properly composed with muted pastels - they will soothe our nerves and respond to the needs of the home! As you can see in the following project by architect Katarzyna Antończyk, despite the cool shade of the kitchen fronts the rest of the elements in warm colors prevail, giving the effect of coziness.

kolor we wnętrzach, projekt: Katarzyna Antończyk

Design: Katarzyna Antończyk

And speaking of materials, Katarzyna Antończyk advises that it's better to avoid plastic and furniture made of smooth furniture board, as well as large shiny surfaces - more cozy than gloss is matte!

3. wood

Wood is a material widely available and diverse in its texture and appearance - it has become a widely appreciated and absolutely proven classic. Using its delicate, light variety with regular fiber structure and simple shape in the individual elements of the arrangement - we will certainly get the effect of a cozy interior. There are many inspirations in the use of wood - on walls, furniture, decorations or accessories. However, if it is the floor, which is one of the key components of the interior, that will be wooden (and preferably in a warm shade) then in all likelihood the interior will be cozy. Even if we decide in this case to use cooler accessories and modern decorative elements.

drewno we wnętrzach, projekt: pracownia ZUP-A

Design: studio ZUP-A

Visualization: studio Monsumm

drewno we wnętrzach, projekt: KAZA Interior Design, fot.: Marcin Boruń

Design: KAZA Interior Design,

photo: Marcin Borun

Ideas for a cozy interior - add some light

4 Fireplace

Nothing is as calming as the sight of warmth bursting from the flames of a safe fire, especially on stormy and winter evenings. A home fireplace is a must have for lovers of atmospheric interiors and weekend lazing on the living room couch. Not only does it look beautiful, but thanks to new technological possibilities it requires little effort to use and care for. Investing in a fireplace will warm not only the air in the room, but also the hearts of the household members - cozy atmosphere guaranteed! You can also try with an electric fireplace - it is easy to install and maintain.

kominek, projekt: KAZA Interior Design, fot. Marcin Boruń kominek, projekt: KAZA Interior Design © Unplash

1. design: KAZA Interior Design

Photo: Marcin Borun

2. source: Unplash

5. lighting

The power, color of light and types of lamps not only affect the comfort and convenience of life, but their proper design can help give a pleasant atmosphere to the room. With the right installation of artificial light in any interior, even austere and minimalist, we can achieve a cozy effect. To this end, it is worth thinking about zone lighting and the ability to control the intensity of the light - this will allow you to properly dim the room and extinguish spaces that are not used at the moment. Also important is the color of the bulbs, that is, the temperature of the light determined in calvinas - values of 2700-3000 K will be a warm light. In the photos below you can see how a unique atmosphere can be created by spotlights and bulbs with a narrow angle of incidence. Romantic, mysterious and cozy - isn't it?

oświetlenie, projekt: arch. Katarzyna Antończyk, fot. Marcin Boruń oświetlenie, projekt: KAZA Interior Design, fot. Marcin Boruń

1. design: arch. Katarzyna Antończyk

2nd Design: KAZA Interior Design

Photo: Marcin Borun

The aforementioned solutions and inspirations give you the opportunity to take care of the warm decor of your rooms and the soothing atmosphere of your home corner. In all this, however, the most important thing will remain your tastes - in accordance with them you will undoubtedly create the cozy atmosphere of your dreams!


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