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About designing for children. Interior with Wood Happiness furniture

Marta Kowalska
03 of March '21

How does designing furniture and interiors dedicated to children differ from designing for everyone? In addition to the safety and appropriate atmosphere of the little one's room, the choice of furniture is also extremely important. Wood Happiness relies on natural wood and beautiful colors.

The magic of

The space of a child's room, is more than four walls. Here fashionable minimalism often recedes into the background, giving place to colors and textures. Particularly in the era of pandemics, when the time spent at home is further aggravated, it is worth taking a look at how a child's room can be arranged. Like us, every child is different, but during the period of development, it is important to have a sense of space for passions, interests, multiplying possibilities. A child's room is a refuge, a playground, a reading room, a studio. The space in which a little person is formed can have a huge impact on his development. That's why designers specializing in the creation of interiors and furniture for children pay attention to more than aesthetics and customer taste. Here warm colors, varied textures, pleasant lighting, fancy shapes come into play. All these elements, however, do not exclude that such a room can be elegant and modern and conducive to growing up.

Photo: Wood Happiness

breaking stereotypes

Modern designers leave the old schemes far behind. Pink color for a girl, and blue for a boy? Not the way to go. Fortunately, with the help of architects finally came the research of scientists, which proves the true impact of colors on mood. It turns out that interiors dominated by one color, or too multicolored have a bad effect on the well-being of children and adolescents. Adults turn out to be more resistant to the influence. The best solution is to combine two dominant colors with additional accents. The colors should be subdued.

Photo: Wood Happiness

light and safety

Another extremely important issue is maintaining a safe space. Architects not only choose colors suitable for children, but must keep in mind the type of paints - hypoallergenic, preferably those that can be cleaned, safe wallpaper adhesives. Furniture for young children should be free of sharp and hard edges, or small - easily falling off knobs, possible to swallow. Another "safety" system is for parents. Manufacturers of furniture and interior solutions for children are outdoing themselves in dirt-resistant paints, varnishes, wallpapers.

The well-being is also influenced by lighting of the right warm color, which, in addition to the top lamp, it is important that it is also located lower - at the level of the child, illuminating the various parts of the interior. The desk lamp and wall lamps not only provide ambience, but help divide the space into a "play" and "night" area.

Photo: Wood Happiness


Can furniture transport us to another world? Let's give it a try. The inspiration of the creators of the Wood Happiness brand comes from vacations at the grandparents' house, spent in complete carefreeness, amid the scent of fruit trees surrounding the coziest house in the world. This home was filled with furniture - beautifully designed, sturdy lockers - where all the treasures of their childhood were stored.

Photo: Wood Happiness

Furniture in the spirit of bygone eras will fit perfectly into modern interiors, will appeal to lovers of natural wood and vintage style. The classic shapes of the furniture resemble those of children's book illustrations, will transport you to the world of fairy tales, which, unfortunately, avant-garde designs can not always live up to. Among the furniture offered by the Wood of Happiness brand are chests of drawers on soaring legs in the spirit of the 1970s, at other times glass display cases, referring in style to the 1950s, or cabinets with hand-carved ornaments, paying homage to the modernism era. All created in love of idyll and traditional craftsmanship.

Among the most popular materials for children's furniture designs is definitely wood - solid, indestructible. It does an excellent job of conveying original design solutions. Wood of Happiness relies on leaving knots in pine and beech boards. For the complete safety of small customers, the process of finishing the furniture is carried out only with ecological oils and water-based paints.

Photo: Wood Happiness


Arranging a child's room is a kind of mission, not only for architects, but also for parents, who are often the buffer of small customers. Properly identifying a child's needs is a challenge, but more and more interior and furniture designers are reaching for unusual solutions to best meet those needs. Success is creating a space that is not only filled with magic for a moment, but skillfully grows up with its little user.

Marta Kowalska

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