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Adrian Glodkowski - "The space of modern games - the design of the e-sports arena".

Dobrawa Bies
05 of July '21
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Name: "The space of modern games - the design of an e-sports arena for the Center of Comics and Interactive Narration EC1 in Lodz".
Author: Adrian Głodkowski
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi, Department of Design Arts

Dr. Rafał Szrajber

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Design Diploma".

Gladiator fights and struggles in arenas have moved to virtual worlds with the development of technology. E-sportsmen and a huge number of spectators take part in digital games every day. The virtual struggles of the athletes, with the help of an appropriately designed space, penetrate into the real world, materializing in competitions and championships designed for e-sportsmen.

In my thesis I wanted to combine my hobby, which is e-sports, with the vision of organizing e-sports competitions in Lodz in a specially designed arena, where amateur and professional tournaments will be held.

Widok areny

The e-sports arena is inspired by the League of Legends universe

© Adrian Glodkowski

The challenge I have set for myself is not only to break the stereotypes and beliefs about computer games and related e-sports, but also to undertake the materialization of the world and give the appropriate setting to such a significant event. So, I am looking for an architectural form that would show the power of inspiration hidden in virtual worlds, focusing on the League of Legends universe, and which, would use new technologies that enrich design related to video games.

Projekt areny
e-sportowej, rzut aranżacji ogólnej

e-sports arena design, general arrangement projection

© Adrian Glodkowski

Analyzing the Summoner's Rift map from the League of Legends game, I decided that the arena I designed would follow the layout of the 5 vs 5 map, with alleys where players would be assigned to positions according to their positions in the game. Behind the players' positions are Nexuses, which show the energy level of a given team. The equivalent of towers and inhibitors are holograms of crystals, which disappear with the Nexus' energy level after destroying defensive structures. In the central place of the arena is placed a chest, which after the victory of one of the teams opens with the appearance of the main prize.

Schemat poziomów
energii NEXUSA

diagram of NEXUSA energy levels

© Adrian Glodkowski

The styling of the arena, which refers to the contrasting characters from the game, gets a strong character, sharp angles and lighting add dynamics to the mass. Both the arena and the spaces for players and cosplayers are mobile. In creating the arena, I was inspired by PROJECT skins. This is a series of skins in the alternate universe of League of Legends, in which the characters have cybernetic components.

Strefa wejściowa

entrance area

© Adrian Glodkowski

The most important issues in the process of creating the stands were their shape and functional layout. When deciding on the shape, I chose a hexagon, which best suits the sharp, dynamic form of the arena, referring to the PROJECT concept. I then divided it into equal parts with vertical lines, creating seats for spectators. Another theme was a V-shaped staircase that fits into one of the sides of the hexagon.


commentators' posts

© Adrian Glodkowski

The functional layout is divided into three sectors of three modules each. This creates additional zones: press, commentators and VIP. The arena's styling, along with the functional layout, is designed to integrate the spectators with the players, creating an emotional bond of sorts. To achieve this, I decided to introduce virtual mixed reality using MS HoloLens devices. Augmented reality goggles allow you to control and interact with holographic objects at will.

Projekt areny
e-sportowej, przekrój całego kompleksu

cross-section of the arena

© Adrian Glodkowski

The project involves the use of an Allround scaffolding system covered from the outside with an aluminum plate grille. The floor of the arena was covered with diamond-shaped metal plates, while the walkway was covered with a rubber coin-textured mat. The colors and types of composition plates and printed foil covering used in the project refer to the skin line. The color and material range is shades of gray with an accent of blue.

z pucharem

pedestal with cup

© Adrian Glodkowski

The interiorlighting of the complex refers to the colors of the teams (blue, red) and skins. It consists of theater spotlights (blue, red, white) and Led strips (blue, red, white), which highlight the details of the architectural form of the designed arena. Custom furniture was designed, and existing furnishing designs were also used. The arena has wide emergency exits on each side. A VIP area has been provided for people with disabilities, whose space can be modified by a movable display and modular sofa.


Illustrations: © Author

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