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Architects' apartment in more than a century-old building

24 of April '20

Przed architektami planującymi własne mieszkanie stoi wiele wyzwań. It might seem that this is a project like any other. On the one hand, of course, this is true - designers are well aware of their tastes, needs and requirements. On the other hand, however, with the knowledge of all trends and solutions, it is difficult to decide and choose specific ones. See how it worked out in an apartment in Warsaw's Praga district!

It is a great art to arrange an interior in such a way that bold design, distinctive colors and timeless elegance emphasize how apartments in pre-war tenements used to be decorated. Here, in Warsaw's Praga district, the atmosphere of ornate artdécofrom the 1920s is in the air. navy blue, gold, gray and white in the unveiling of unusual furniture, accessories and accessories create the character of the interior "tailor-made" by a pair of architects. The unique project was created by the Deer Design studio, and the partner of the realization is the Dekorian Home chain of interior design stores.

Attention to detail

The design of a 68-square-meter apartment in a more than a hundred-year-old tenement was to meet "only" three conditions that the investors - architects - set before them. The interior was to be comfortable and convenient, elegant and unconventional, and combine vintage atmosphere with modern needs. The task was certainly not an easy one, and the art of compromise proved to be the biggest challenge. Coherent taste and preserved the veto right to the other party's work meant that all expectations were met, and the apartment surprises with its originality, beauty of expression and elusive spirit of bygone years. And so "pure happiness " was created - as the owners say about their four walls.

Reprezentacyjny korytarz zdradza charakter wnętrza. The white marble floor with a distinct gray pattern of the stitching blends perfectly with the navy blue of the walls and ceiling. The atmosphere here is created by golden details: a mirror in a decorative, sophisticated frame and an elegant console with golden legs, and on it accessories also in the color of precious metal. Attention to detail is also accented by stucco in snow-white, which is a perfect counterpoint to the intense color of the walls and ceiling. The hall carries the promise of beauty... It's time to open the navy blue door and look inside.

Mieszkanie architektów w ponad stuletniej kamienicy Mieszkanie architektów w ponad stuletniej kamienicy

Mieszkanie architektów w ponad stuletniej kamienicy

photo by Marta Wolosz-Molenda Pracownia Fotografii Positiff

Inspired by vintage style

The kitchen open to the living room is dominated by simple forms and modern minimalism with hints of vintage. The navy blue and white furniture cabinetry is only a background. The eye is drawn to the original wall above the kitchen countertop made using Metropolis structural plaster, which seamlessly blends with the gray kitchen apron and countertop. Against such a background and in such a setting, the elegant gold taps present all their beauty. So do the glass lampshades suspended from a golden frame.

The living room is separated from the kitchen by a simple table surrounded by elegant chairs in navy blue and burgundy colors. The patterned floor and carefully selected stucco are among the many important accents in this part of the apartment. From the large gray sofa you can admire the old-fashioned wooden dresser. Idealnie odnowiona, dostała drugie życie. Right next to it is a vintage armchair with red upholstery on classic short wooden legs. The climate of the old years is also emphasized by a simple table with an original table lamp and a globe in the other part of the room. Lovers of unconventional forms are sure to pay attention to the unique wall lamps inspired by the art of origami. Flying birds - a symbol of freedom, connect the past with the present. The living room is complemented by a designer coffee table with three tops and a large hanging lamp on a golden frame. On the walls could not miss the black and white portraits, which are the most perfect reference to the past.

A strong accent - original wallpaper

Mieszkanie architektów w ponad stuletniej kamienicy Mieszkanie architektów w ponad stuletniej kamienicy

Architects' apartment in a more than a century-old tenement house

photo by Marta Wolosz-Molenda Pracownia Fotografii Positiff

When it would seem that the biggest surprises are behind us, the bathroom invites you into its "low threshold". Furnished in such a way that you absolutely do not want to leave it! From the entrance, the wall with royal gold-colored flamingos impresses. They are the undisputed heroes here! And again golden details: mirror frame, furniture handles, hanging lamp, which create a harmonious whole with the white bathroom furniture, gray countertop and marble floor. It is atmospheric, unfussy and certainly comfortable.

The most difficult project is the one created for oneself. The architects at Deer Design Studio have created a space where they feel truly at home. And this is always the biggest challenge: to design an interior so that it becomes a home. And this the architects and Investors in one succeeded perfectly.

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