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Adaptation and interior design of a two-level apartment

15 of November '19

A two-story 120-square-meter apartment in Warsaw's Filtry district is home to a family with a child. The apartment has a very modern, Scandinavian in expression, broken with a living room-cum-bourgeois tone.

Malgorzata Tomczak: I would like to start with this "living room" decor. What draws attention on the walls is the stucco, which also appears consistently on the furniture in the hall, kitchen and dining room. Where did you get this idea from?

Marta Drzymała: This apartment is located in Warsaw's Filtry district, hence the decision to decorate the walls with stucco. Stucco has the spirit of pre-war interiors, the kind with history.

Agata Frątczak: The stucco in itself is a classical element, but its passage through the door hidden in the wall to the bathroom gives the whole a modern form. We wanted to achieve consistency, so the stucco composition appears in other parts of the apartment. Also the dummy fireplace created from stucco refers to the decorative finish of the walls.

rzut parteru rzut piętra

Margaret: The apartment is kept in white and gray tones, broken here and there by black details and bottle green. This gives a very elegant consistent color effect. What influenced this decision?

Marta: White, gray are timeless colors. When choosing such a color scheme, we always have in mind to break it up. Hence the accents of black elements.

Agata: The green of the sofa gave us the character of the interior so as to enliven it and introduce an element of surprise.

Margaret: In place of the kitchen in the previous layout, you proposed a spacious library with a study. It is fenced off with a glass wall and very light. How important was and how did you work with daylight?

Marta: Daylight is very important to us in the interior. It plays a huge role for our well-being. The more light there is, the more qualities the interior takes on. Daylight is the light we most often miss at work.

Agata: When it comes to decorative artificial light, we try to choose unique lamps. We bet not only on foreign design, but also on our Polish design. It's worth supporting young designers whose lamps are made at the highest level.

jadalnia lampy wejście na piętro - detale fot. Yassen Hristov © Madama

Lamps over the dining room table and the detail of the entrance to the first floor

photo by Yassen Hristov © Madama

Malgorzata: The porthole is surprising in the children's room. This is a rather unusual treatment. In addition, fashionable blackboard paint and the child's room gains lightness and unleashes children's creativity.

Marta: The porthole is an architectural accent of the building. We have young children ourselves and we see how spaces free of "plastic" and luminous and colorful things affect them. Children feel freer in a space where they can release their imagination. They can relax in it.

Agata: A blackboard is probably the dream of every young child ;) It gives the opportunity to scribble on the wall. You can create a lot of interesting games with it, attaching magnets with animals, painting a farm, etc.

Margaret: The greatest elegance of interiors is always added by sophisticated details. Tell us about these decisions - to what extent were they yours and sovereign, and to what extent were they the result of consultation with the investor?

Marta: The investor, when deciding to cooperate with us, trusted us to create an interior that is not only elegant, but also functional. An interior in which there will be refined detail. Therefore, when designing, we pay great attention to moving elements of equipment or switches. We try to use unconventional elements.

Agata: We listen to the needs of our investors based on a very detailed interview. We draw conclusions and propose solutions that will meet their expectations.

pokój dziecka

children's room

Photo by Yassen Hristov © Madama

Malgorzata: How was the cooperation with the investor? What did he expect and to what extent was this functional-formal program realized?

Marta and Agata: Cooperation with the investor went very smoothly. From the beginning we were clear about how we wanted to divide the interior and what character it would have. The functional project was fully implemented. Of course, we had surprises, for example: with old wooden stairs. We had to take them apart to refresh them, cut them up and install them back, which was quite a challenge.

Margaret: The result is very interesting, thank you for the interview!


  1. Triumphlamp
  2. Berker porcelain sockets and switches
  3. Simplex Ma console
  4. Volier Soft armchair
  5. Mirror Ball table lamp
  6. Brooks sofa
  7. Mika coffee table

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