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Apartment Open from boaa studio

15 of April '20

When an apartment's windows overlook the Old Town in Poznan, it's no wonder that its residents want to open them up as much as possible to their surroundings. It also provided the impetus for an internal opening - so that the view from the skylights can be enjoyed from almost every direction.

A feature of apartments located in the attic is undoubtedly the ability to observe the sky. This is no different in a Poznan townhouse from the early 20th century. This solution is appreciated even more when they face northeast and southwest. Michal Bekas of {tag:Studio} was given the task of creating a generally open space, but at the same time enclosing intimate and "working" rooms. Hence, in the central point of the apartment grew a lump hiding a bathroom, a toilet, but also a kitchen. Superfluous walls were removed to open up the apartment as much as possible. As a result, this not only allowed the room to be fully illuminated, but also to admire the city views unhindered from anywhere: the living room sofa, library, bedroom or dressing room.

Island, cottage, solid

The shape of the central block has been subordinated to the rooms in it and their functions - the toilet, bathroom and kitchen naturally form the layout of its walls. This pentagonal form harmonizes with the drawing of the existing exterior walls of the apartment and the visible wooden elements of the old roof truss structure. From this division Michal Bekas, together with Alicja Wozniak, guided the visual line breaks of the entire apartment. According to this, the individual zones were also separated - the public zone, consisting of the hall, dining room and living room, and the private zone, containing a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

Mieszkanie Otwarte Mieszkanie Otwarte

Open Apartment


The open space of the apartment is further emphasized by white walls and whitewashed boards on the floor. The interior block was built from a frame structure, covered with birch plywood. Its color corresponds with the exposed elements of the roof trusses. "The island" or "house in the house" has been equipped with shutters, which can be closed and opened as desired - to cook together with guests sitting in the living room or even to hide the kitchen commotion from them.

The architects did not close the space with a five-sided form, so the owners of the apartment gained additional space on its roof. A mezzanine was created, which can be accessed by a ladder. A bookcase and space for a small office await upstairs, and when the windows are opened, one can step out onto the terrace, which offers a view of Poznań.

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