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Timeless white and industrial accents. Apartment designed by Black Deer Workshop

16 of February '21
Technical data
Name: white apartment in Warsaw
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Black Deer Workshop
Design team: Magdalena Sliwka
Photos: Pion Studio
Area: 100 m²

White in interiors is still in vogue, proof of this is the Warsaw apartment designed by Magdalena Sliwka of Black Deer Workshop. The architect created a minimalist, open space with industrial accents. The free division and interpenetrating functions is so versatile that the apartment is often used for photo shoots and film sets.

Biały apartament
w Warszawie

White interior of an apartment in Warsaw

Photo: Pion Studio © Black Deer Workshop

The Warsaw apartment, which is dominated by white color and natural wood, is a place for relaxation, work and meetings in larger groups. The investors asked architect Magdalena Sliwka for a coherent and unpretentious design with industrial accents. Following their guidelines, the designer created a living area with a kitchenette, a large dining table and a lounge area. In this space, a swing hanging from the ceiling is a fun addition.

w salonie

The swing and the tree trunk table are interesting accents

Photo: Pion Studio © Black Deer Workshop

On one of the walls the architect placed a work surface - ideal for remote work. The lounge area also includes a bath room. This space was placed behind a glazed door with a distinct black grille. Lying in the free-standing bathtub, one can watch movies projected from a projector. The interior of the bathroom is consistent with the whole arrangement of the apartment. Concrete and the contrast of black and white reign here. Industrial additions in the form of lighting over the sink and a black minimalist radiator are the compositional accent.

Salon kąpielowy

Behind the glass door is the bath salon

Photo: Pion Studio © Black Deer Workshop

Carefully selected details contribute to the casual character of the apartment. In the living area, instead of a classic coffee table, the architect decided on a table made of white-painted tree trunks. The ornament of this part of the apartment is also a decorative lamp made of a beam suspended on chains and bulbs wrapped around it.

z industrialnymi akcentami Łazienka
z industrialnymi akcentami

Industrial accents in the apartment

Photo: Pion Studio © Black Deer Workshop

In between the workstations there is a wooden cache-home for the owners' greyhound. The white and open space of the apartment is conducive to creative projects. Every now and then the interior is transformed into a film set or a photography studio.

The apartment project was awarded second place in the 11th edition of the VASCO Integration competition in the realized project category.

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