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Cosentino pursues the concept of sustainable development

06 of February '20

The manufacturer of Dekton, Silestone and Sensa materials, has once again become a benchmark for others in sustainability. The Spanish company, also present on the Polish market, skillfully implements strategies that minimize the negative impact of the production process on the environment. Safe, efficient, transparent operations for the benefit of us all are one of the most important pillars of Cosentino's policy. In view of current global changes, this is an inevitable direction.

The social and climate changes we are facing force companies to take into account environmental issues and skillfully manage the production process. For Cosentino, this means closed-loop water management, recycling waste for reuse in the production of new materials, and using electricity sourced from 100% certified renewable sources. In 2018. Spaniards in Almeria increased their use of recyclable materials by as much as 68% compared to the previous year! Another important milestone was the launch of an in-house waste processing plant, which enabled the implementation of a more efficient management system focused on recovering all waste generated in the manufacturing process.
Participation in COP 25

The manufacturer of large-format surfaces for the architectural world operates in dozens of countries around the world, making significant investments related to the environment and participating in projects aimed at implementing technologies that are best for the planet. Recently, we were able to see this during panel discussions on "Sustainable Industry," "Andalusia Committed to the Planet," and "Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry." The first two were held at the IFEMA exhibition center in Madrid, within the framework of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP25. The third panel took place at Cosentino City Madrid, part of the "Castellana Green Axis" participatory space and COP25 program.


Sophisticated modernity at CASACOR

Cosentino was also in the spotlight at CASACOR São Paulo, one of South America's largest architecture, landscape and design exhibitions. For the event, architect Marilia Pellegrini created a space revolving around the concepts of sustainability and recycling. Dekton ultra-compact surface and Silestone conglomerate were used in the project, which aimed to transform the metal-framed containers into an avant-garde, but above all cozy space. For the covering of the facade, the roof of the container and the interior floors, the designer chose the ultra-compact Dekton Zenith surface in snow white, which further emphasizes the composition of the house's elements. In addition, Dekton Ariane was also used on the facade.

I needed a material that would be quick and easy to install, simple to maintain and keep clean, even in a place exposed to bad weather and located in an area with many trees. I would never have achieved this effect using other materials. I have a perfect and calibrated surface, very easy to clean. From the beginning to the end of the event, 60 days passed, thousands of people stepped on Dekton Zenith, and the surface remained perfect - Marília Pellegrini.

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