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The perfect duo. MUSS confectionery in Szczecin designed by Monika Salata.

30 of August '22

"The only such confectionery in Szczecin". - reads the instagram profile of MUSS Author's Confectionery located on Niedziałkowskiego Street in Szczecin. What proves its uniqueness? The desserts presented in the windows of the small establishment look extremely appetizing, but they are not the only things that catch the eye - equally interesting is the interior itself, the design of which is the responsibility of Monika Salata.

Ola Kloc: The restaurant is located in a tenement located in downtown Szczecin, how did the building itself and its surroundings influence the design?

Monika Sałata: I am a fan of tenement houses. My apartment is also located in such spaces, hence the justified sentiment for the traces of history preserved in them, which I extremely appreciate and respect... The implementation of interior projects in these unusual locations is always a great pleasure for me.

The tenement in which MUSS is located has not been renovated to this day. It is located in a branch of the extremely beautiful John Paul II Avenue, which leads to the City Hall building. It is a very charming area that extends all the way to the wide stretch of greenery that is Jasne Błonia. The photos of the facade perfectly reflect the contrast of the very body of the building set in gray with the color scheme of the patisserie.

The façade, kept in subdued colors, was by design to totally deviate from the impact of color brought by the characterful interior. This juxtaposition was meant to shock... We worked on the principle of contrast.

kamienica, w której znajduje się MUSS, znajduje się w pobliżu Alei Jana Pawła II w Szczecinie zachowane oryginalne elementy kamienicy

The tenement in which MUSS is located is near Jana Pawła II Avenue in Szczecin

Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

: So the choice of such strong colors was influenced by the desire to achieve an element of surprise and create a contrast with the gray facade?

Monika: Yes, by all means! Moreover, Maciej, the creator of the whole project, creates products that are extremely colorful. So I had to keep in mind that colors would be the main element of the design. I figured it would be cohesive if we actually worked with color, continuing the story of these beautiful confectionery molds. I found that I would not make a subdued base for the colorful assortment, but would saturate the whole concept even more.

łuki nadają wnętrzu lekkości głównym elementem cukierni są kolorowe produkty

The arches add lightness to the interior

Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

: The interior is small, but looks functional, thanks to what treatments and tricks did you achieve this effect?

Monika: I'll admit frankly - it was a huge challenge for my studio, because 15 square meters is extremely small for arranging basic functions. Moreover, the task was not made easier by the lump of the suspended ceiling, monumental in its form. Therefore, I played with little obvious, so I turned the challenge into an asset... To be more precise - I emphasized the whole thing primarily with the clarity of navy blue. I designed a visual game with mirrors, which optically enlarged the room and automatically affected the feeling of space. Very important elements of the design affecting the breaking of the heaviness of the solid are the arches. They are not only a part of the display, but, so to speak, soften the whole form, give lightness, especially to those parts that I did not influence.

niewielkie wnętrze optycznie powiększają wszechobecne lustra róż i granat dominują we wnętrzu

The small interior is optically enlarged by omnipresent mirrors

Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

: An important element of the interiors of a cafe, pastry shop or restaurant is the aspect of photogenicity, many customers choose places precisely from this angle. Is creating "instafriendly" interiors a new challenge for design?

Monica: Designing the space of commercial premises means, by definition, creating spaces that are meant to attract customers. In apartments, houses or suites, investors are looking for tranquility, they put their personal expectations on the project. People who come to my studio with a design order for places such as restaurants or beauty salons even consider the aspect you ask about as a priority, knowing that photographing, tagging in social media is also a form of marketing.... The client in such cases is totally open to some craziness, originality, just to make the premises stand out from others with the same purpose.

kolory użyte we wnętrzu jeszcze bardziej podkreślają kolorowe produkty cukierni

The colors used in the interior further emphasize the colorful products of the pastry shop

photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

: So what do you think is the most photogenic element of this interior?

Monika: The most characterful are the colors used, they are the base and core of the design. Customers extremely imaginatively photograph products prepared by Maciej, organizing compositions of sweets on a side table in an area drowned in pink... The investor himself, as an aesthete, knew perfectly well that a proven product and the interior as a base are the perfect duo. I highly appreciate conscious clients who know and understand that cooperation with a designer is not only to facilitate, but first of all to create an idea, to create something totally unique. This is an investment that pays off very quickly.

strefa zatopiona w różu złote detale

zone submerged in pink

Photo: Michal Szalkiewicz

Ola: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Ola Kloc

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