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House in natural colors. Project of the studio Na Mezresoli

13 of May '20

In this interior you can feel a real peace. Soft colors, natural materials and slightly varied textures bring the household into a state of harmony. On top of that, the architects managed to make it fully functional. The main inspiration for this arrangement was the decor of the Aman Giri Hotel in Utah. The architects took the best from it.

Szczodre is a village adjacent to Wroclaw, not one of Utah's small towns. Nevertheless, the interior of the house is as if taken out of the sandy-rocklandscape. It only made one feel the full balance here. The minimalist design did not deprive the house of warmth. It was here that a family of four lived on 220 square meters.

In balance and harmony

The first floor of the house houses the living area. There is an open kitchen with a dining room and a living room separated by a staircase and a fireplace wall. A dressing room, a bathroom and a study are located in this part. Architects from {tag:Studio} managed to balance the interior, thanks to a careful selection of furniture. The leather armchairs and sofa in the living room, with the carpet used for the leather, were relieved by a glass table on spider legs.

Naturalne wnętrze projektu Na Antresoli - pokój telewizyjny Naturalne wnętrze projektu Na Antresoli - gabinet

Here there is a special niche in the window, where you can hole up to watch your favorite movie in peace and quiet

Photo: Bartek Rąkowski

The private zone located on the second floor consists of large children's rooms, a bedroom with a dressing room, a laundry room, a bathroom and a TV room. Here there is a special recess in the window where you can hole up to watch your favorite movie in peace. A wall upholstered with cushions will also provide comfort.

The architects managed to keep the style drenched in warm beiges also in the rooms of the small household members, at the same time clearly indicating who lives in them. Subtle wallpaper with fish in one and delicate pink in the other allow children to enjoy their childishness.

Natural interior - wood, stone, linen

The design was inspired not only by the Aman Giri Hotel located in Utah, but also by the broader architecture of Tulum. This can be seen even in the color of the walls in the corridor - with their color they bring to mind clay. All with a slightly elegant gold twist!

The architects wanted the interior of the house to be bright and neutral. The investors needed space, but at the same time they wanted their house to be cozy. This was ensured by natural materials - stone, wood, veneer, linen or jute.

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