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Eco-Okna is dynamizing expansion in the US market

18 of August '23

Eko-Okna announces the opening of a new chapter in its history. Poland's largest manufacturer of joinery and one of the world's leaders in the entire industry is just expanding its offer with profiles with characteristics typical of the American market.

Eko-Okna, a company that regularly amazes with the speed of its development, has just announced the completion of another milestone. It is the expansion of the product offer with solutions dedicated to the American market. The U.S. is a larger market than the entire European Union put together, with sales of windows there numbering in the millions, so it's hardly surprising that the company wants to dominate it. A desire supported by real actions that allow you to count on success.

Specifics of the US market

TheU.S. market has so far been very poorly penetrated by European woodwork manufacturers, which is a result of its specifics, says Roman Bober, Product Manager USA. - Wheneverwe have gained a strong position in the markets of different countries, we have done it to a large extent with the help of products tailored to the specific expectations of the customers there. The introduction of strictly American systems, especially guillotine and casement solutions, is a repetition of a proven pattern and the creation of a new vector of development. In this way we will reach out to new customers, which will translate into a jump in sales.

For Eko-Windows, responding to specific customer needs, unusual from the Polish point of view, is nothing new. The company has for many years offered renovation solutions popular, for example, in the Benelux countries, which allow easier replacement of windows. It also produces monoblock windows, which are popular on the French market, but almost unknown in Poland. In recent years, the manufacturer's expansion has even extended to Asia, Africa and Oceania. Because of this, the introduction of new solutions can be expected to go smoothly, and the new systems will meet the expectations of the new market, allowing the company to conquer it.

Expansion backed by experience

We have been present in the US market for a long time. The experience gained from offering top European solutions, which are still niche there, has translated into a better understanding of how US residents use their windows on a daily basis, what they are used to and what they expect. Based on this knowledge, systems that are completely new from our perspective have been created. They are precisely tailored to the realities there, which means that we can now effectively reach an incomparably larger number of private and institutional investors. We have thus gained an effective tool for expansion in new directions," Roman Bober adds.

American Systems

American Systems

© Eko-Okna

As befits a manufacturer whose ambition is to satisfy all customers' needs in one place, a manufacturer of windows, doors, sliding systems, window covers, garage doors and even fences and pergolas, as many as 8 systems were prepared for American customers at once:

  • American Single-Hung - guillotine windows with one moving window
  • American Picture Window Hung - fixed (fix) windows based on Hung profiles
  • American Double-Hung - guillotine windows with two movable windows
  • American Casement - outward opening casement windows
  • American Picture Casement - fixed (fix) windows based on Casement profiles
  • American Awning - outward tilting windows
  • American SlidingPatio Door - sliding patio doors
  • American Double Slide - sliding windows with two active quarters

The introduction of such a wide range of new products to Eco-Windows' already extensive proposal means that the company now has a complete offering for every American builder.

Solutions tailored to the customer

The just-introduced systems feature solutions that are not more widely used in Europe. This is especially the nailing fin, which facilitates the installation of products in typical investments realized according to the construction technology used in the USA. The windows are equipped with mosquito nets as standard, and have appropriate additional elements in accordance with US standards.

American Systems

American Systems

© Eko-Okna

Along with the products, all sales support is also ready, Product Manager USA emphasizes. - This especially applies to the possibility of making a free quote on our flagship platform eko4u, but also to the leaflets, catalogs or descriptions available on the company's website, naturally in English and in the imperial system of measurements. Feel free to contact our sales representatives, who will be happy to answer all your questions from sunrise over Poland to sunset over California. Different time zones are no obstacle here.

For more information, visit the company's EKO-OKNA S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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