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Holiday apartment in Zakopane designed by EwaInteriors Studio.

22 of June '20

Since summer has arrived, it's worth thinking about vacations. Poland will probably be the most popular vacation destination this year. If the choice falls on Zakopane, visit the elegant apartment designed by Cracow architect Ewa Tarapata. It overlooks the Giewont Mountains, and a heated pool awaits guests inside.

Architect Ewa Tarapata of Krakow's Ewa\Studio Wnętrz studio often needs only one impulse to create an entire interior design. Color, texture or a combination of them gives rise to more than one realization. Creating the concept of an apartment in Zakopane, the designer did not follow the already worn-out path of mountain inspiration, but tried to create an elegant place where everyone will feel comfortable. Impressions will be provided by the extraordinary view outside the window overlooking Giewont. The apartment is located in the Royal Resort SPA apartment complex for rent.

Elegancki apartament w Zakopanem na wynajem. Wakacje w Zakopanem

I like to play with colors - color is a must!

photo by Mateusz Gąska

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for the design?
Ewa Tarapata: Patterned wallpaper and my favorite, because I often use them in projects, square Action tiles. I like to mix colors textures, patterns - it's enough that I have one material, such as wallpaper, as inspiration and then somehow everything falls into place on its own. I like to play with colors - color is a must!

Basia: Where did you get the idea for such a selection of colors and materials?
Eve: I love shades of blue and powder pinks, I love creams and all shades of orange. "Biscuit" tiles are very cool, they have an optimistic tone and come in beautiful colors, so I combined them with my favorite Action tiles. These, on the other hand, are creamy and very motley, inspired by Jackson Pollock's paintings - they look beautiful with any color.

Elegancki apartament na wakacje w Zakopnem Wygodny i elegancki apartament w Zakopanem na wynajem

Holiday apartments, their layouts are governed by different laws than private apartments

photo by Mateusz Gąska

Basia: How did you come up with this idea of dividing the space?
Ewa: The division of space was already imposed by the developer, we did not change much in this regard. However, I made sure to fit a functional kitchen and cabinets for storing clothes and other things. In addition, the washing machine was hidden in the hall closet so that it would not take up space in the bathroom.

I have been designing holiday apartments for more than a year, their layouts are governed by different laws than private apartments. Here, people don't cook, they don't store kilos of food, they only want to eat breakfast. They spend the whole day outside the apartment, eat most of their meals in restaurants, and spend their time in the city or in the mountains. The most important things in vacation apartments are a comfortable table to eat breakfast at, a good coffee maker to have a cup of morning espresso, a microwave to heat up something quick, and a dishwasher so that on vacation you don't have to think about dealing with washing dishes. In the kitchen, guests will find essentials such as a pot or pan, but the most important thing here is comfort - a sofa, beds and armchairs.

Wakacyjny elegancki apartament w Zakopanem. Ewa\Studio Wnętrz

I work on materials - I see the interior design with my eyes. I have the concept, colors, patterns and textures ready in my head

photo by Mateusz Gąska

Basia: What was the biggest challenge in creating this place?
Ewa: Always the biggest challenge is whether the investor likes the first visualizations and, of course, the overall concept of the project! I am not a master of making visualizations. I work on materials - I see the interior design through my eyes. I have the concept, colors, patterns and textures ready in my head. Visualization will never give it all away, that's why photos of the realization of each project are so important. I used to not take these photos, which is a shame, because, now there is no time to make up for it. These visions need to be passed on, because in the end the investor entrusts me with a lot of trust and huge financial resources.

elaborated: Basia Hyjek

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