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Shell on the wall? Why not! We look into the home of a creative duo

29 of September '22
Technical data
Name: copper house
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Poland
Studio: Butterfly Studio
Design team: Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk
Photos: Marcin Grabowiecki
Area: 120m2


  • design
  • realization


Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk, architects at Butterfly Studio, were approached by a young couple working in the creative industry. They asked for an interior design for their Warsaw home. The guidelines? Spaces that reflect their personalities, zoning, a special game room and lots of copper.

Strefa dzienna

living area

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

The owners work from home, so the architects decided to divide the space into distinct zones. The first floor was to be stimulating and energetic, while the upstairs was to facilitate relaxation.

Jadalnia Miedziana ściana

In the kitchen, the copper wall catches the eye

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

copper fish scale on the wall

The main eye-catching element on the first floor is the copper wall in the kitchen, resembling fish scales. As the architects say, the investors love this metal, so they decided to expose it. Appropriate colors were chosen for the copper wall in the kitchen: shades of green, navy blue and pink, which also appear in other spaces of the house.

strefa dzienna geometryczne lamele

The main colors in the apartment are green, navy blue, pink and anthracite

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

Our clients like geometry and varied textures. For this reason, we wanted to emphasize all the rounded forms in the house - switches, tables, lamps, scales. On the wall behind the sofa, in the living area, we used a veneered circle hidden in the lamellas. You can only see it when you stand at the right angle - from the dining room side you can only see the anthracite slats," say Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk.

Garderoba Łazienka

The floor is kept in subdued colors

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

rest zone

The first floor of the house is a standard zone of tranquility and rest. More subdued colors were used here, allowing relaxation. The master bedroom has been combined with a dressing room and a private bathroom. As the authors mention, the investor asked that the bathroom be designed in the climate of a small spa. The result? Atmospheric lighting, where you can relax while lying in the free-standing bathtub. The wall behind the bathtub is decorated with herringbone tiles, referring to the oak floor of all the rooms of the house. Also here the owners' favorite copper is not missing - you will find it in the form of faucets.

Wnętrza domu w Warszawie

In the bedroom the most important piece of furniture is a pink bed

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

The bedroom is dominated by a large upholstered bed in a shade of pink reminiscent of cotton candy. Meanwhile, a dark wallpaper with floral patterns sets a calm mood.

Łazienka z rybą Łazienka z rybą

The guest bathroom was meant to resemble the interior of a Turkish bath

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

A bathroom like a Turkish bath

A special room on the first floor is the guest bathroom. The investors travel a lot, and their dream was to reflect the atmosphere of a Turkish bath. The entire bathroom was tiled with stone tiles in shades of gray. At the entrance, attention is drawn to an arched, illuminated wallpaper with a fish. In the shower space, referring to the wall in the kitchen, the authors applied navy blue tiles in the shape of scales. The countertop and drawers of the under-sink cabinet were made of gray quartz sinter. Copper was not forgotten either, this time in the form of sconces by the mirror.

Pokój gier planszowych płytki w jodełkę

Game room and wall detail - herringbone in the bathroom

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

board game room

The attic of the house was allocated for a board game room (still in progress). The owners wanted this space to be kept in a more industrial, bar-like atmosphere. The centerpiece of this area is a professional gaming table. The architects opted for brick on the walls, industrial radiators and steel shelving. There will also be slanted seating and ledons in the future.

Klatka schodowa Lampy na klatce schodowej

The staircase is decorated with colorful lamps

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Butterfly Studio

The st aircase is quite narrow, but even in this space the designers wanted to introduce interesting additions. Patterned and colorful sconces became the ornaments. They are also accompanied by led lights in the treads on the way up to the floor.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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