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Karolina Chmaj - "A platform for contemplating the street. Temporary buildings"

04 of June '21
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Name: "Platform for contemplation of the street. Temporary development"
, Department of Architecture and Design

Prof. nadzw. dr. Katarzyna Radecka


Jolanta Kwarciak

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma".

The contemplation platform I presented is located on Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego Street in Koszalin. I chose this place because of its uniqueness. It is one of the few well-preserved post-war streets in the city. Koszalin is a city devoid of architectural accent, with no landmark to encourage people to spend time there.

My goal was to design an object that would meet the characteristics of such a place, intended, among other things, to relax, draw attention to the beauty of the surroundings and history, create a "signpost", that is, a point of attraction, a place of detachment from reality and a space for contemplation.

Platforma do
kontemplacji ulicy Wnętrze platformy do
kontemplacji ulicy

The platform was designed for passersby/walkers, as well as those looking for a place to spend time creatively

© Karolina Chmaj

The facility is designed for both passersby/walkers and people looking for a place to spend time creatively. The specialized form of the installation provides an opportunity to look at the street in an unusual way, allows you to feel a different perspective than that of a passerby.

Mocny kolor elewacji

Contrasting with the surroundings, the bright yellow color of the building's facade attracts the eye

© Karolina Chmaj

With selected frames visible in the protruding windows forming telescopes, it focuses attention on elements previously overlooked, enhances, de-realises and changes their meanings. Contrasting with the surroundings, the bright color of the object's facade attracts the eye, illuminates the surroundings and at the same time emphasizes its temporality - the transience of existence.

Sytuacja — proces
przemiany widoczny w naturze

The process of transformation seen in nature was the inspiration for the design activities

© Karolina Chmaj

The color of the facade plays a special role. When we look at the building, we also notice its unusual form, which took from long-term observations and studies of the street. The platform evolved in the process of creation. Every single study and new observation contributed to its development. A perfect comparison can be found in nature, where a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. This is not an instantaneous process, and each stage of development is necessary. While searching for correlations in nature, it was this transformation that inspired me.

Platforma do
kontemplacji ulicy, przekrój i rzut

projection and cross sections of the platform

© Karolina Chmaj

The platform for contemplating Pilsudski Street in Koszalin is located perpendicular to its axis at a height of about 6 meters. The length of the installation is 27 meters and occupies the entire width of the street. The interior height is 3.2 meters. The steel skeleton of the facility is covered with 12-millimeter-thick HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels; if the load needs to be reduced, the HPL panels could be replaced with composite panels. The structure consists of two beams, which were supported by a beam that supports them, which in turn is supported by columns. If there was a need to strengthen the structure, I foresaw additional columns or the use of a truss in the construction.

Karolina CHMAJ

Illustrations: © Author

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