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Katarzyna Kowalska - "Modernization and expansion of the High School of Fine Arts in Nałęczów".

Dobrawa Bies
14 of May '21
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Author: Katarzyna Kowalska
Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

Prof. Dr. Janusz Stankowski, assistant: Oriana Tyll

The Jozef Chelmonski High School of Fine Arts in Naleczow was built in the 1960s, during the modernism period. The reconstruction and expansion project involves the addition of one floor of the dormitory, which will increase the number of places for students and improve the comfort of the rooms by adding bathrooms.

The project also plans to add an exhibition area with a more intuitive and representative entrance to the school, as well as adapt all parts of the building for people with disabilities. The roofs and facades of the new forms will be covered with anthracite-colored zinc-titanium sheets, made with standing seam angle technology.

Liceum Sztuk
Plastycznych w Nałęczowie, nadbudowa internatu Teren wokół liceum

Naleczow High School of Visual Arts, boarding house superstructure and the area around the school

© Katarzyna Kowalska

The newly created forms complement the old part of the school and give it a modern character. In connection with the expansion, there has been a change in the location of the gatehouse - it has been moved next to the main entrance - and its place will be taken by a checkroom for students who do not live in the boarding school. Another point of the project is to enlarge the library and divide it into zones for individual study, group study and a media library space.

Widok strefy

The project includes the addition of an exhibition area

© Katarzyna Kowalska

The next part is the conversation zone, which is located next to the teachers' room; it is intended for individual meetings between teachers and students. The project plans to divide the sports locker rooms into men's and women's locker rooms, with separate showers and toilets, and to rebuild toilets for people with disabilities, in accordance with building codes.

Wnętrze biblioteki

Another highlight of the project is the enlargement of the library

© Katarzyna Kowalska

The modernization of the dormitory involves enlarging and changing the functional layout of the canteen, which is located in the basement. The large-size tables used there are designed to integrate students. Two toilets have been designed in place of the old gym: one for people with disabilities and one for the general public. The gym was moved to the first floor, in place of the showers. The room was significantly enlarged and divided into a cardio and weights area.

Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych,
rzuty Rzut piwnicy i internatu

modernization of the school and boarding house

© Katarzyna Kowalska

On the first floor there are single or double rooms for people with disabilities and triple rooms for other students. Here a public toilet, a kitchenette, a porter's lodge and the boarding school director's office have been designed.

Wnętrze pokoju

On the second floor there are triple rooms

© Katarzyna Kowalska

On the second floor there are triple rooms, a small catering area, a rest and integration area and a computer room. On the second floor there are double rooms for students in the final grade, who are preparing for their diploma and therefore need more space. The top floor also has a rest and integration zone and a space with a kitchenette.

Wnętrze stołówki

interior design refers to the style of modernism

© Katarzyna Kowalska

The interior furnishings in the school building and the boarding house allude to modernism, and the color scheme to American interiors of the 1950s. Warm shades of beige and gray have been combined with muted red and mint accents. In addition, the concept also includes a landscaping design for the area around the school, which allows easy and intuitive access to the facility, adjusting communication routes and designating parking spaces for cars and bicycles.

Widok korytarza

Warm shades of beige and gray were combined with muted red and mint accents

© Katarzyna Kowalska

Also planned was the placement of outdoor display forms and benches, as well as the designation and adjustment of rest areas for high school students. The project also includes the modernization and development of currently unused garages next to the boarding school into workshop buildings for students and people from outside the school. The forms of these buildings relate to the new expansion concept.

Katarzyna Kowalska

Illustrations: © Author

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