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Marble inspiration - the perfect bathroom in stone

05 of May '20

Entering the marble bathroom, you will easily forget about the whole world. The gentle glow reflected on the surface of this stone will have a soothing effect on you and allow you to fully relax. Various colors will allow you to arrange the space in any way you want - in a modern or traditional style. This is the secret and perfection of marble.

It is timeless and versatile, yet uncompromising and full of character. It is always at the forefront. Marble is increasingly becoming the leitmotif of bathrooms and bath showrooms. Surrounded by natural stone of such stunning beauty, rest is definitely the best!

Colors of marble

The range of design possibilities with marble is very wide. Designers and interior architects this season focus on bold combinations of colors, textures and patterns, so that bathroom arrangements surprise with originality and originality. Hence the popularity of elegant marble, which is the perfect choice for both minimalist spaces with a frugal and austere form, and Scandinavian, when juxtaposed with wood, but also perfectly suited to be combined with gold to get an interior in the style of art déco or glamour. So, we are only limited by our imagination! Especially since we can use marble to create bathroom countertops, bathtubs, floors or wall coverings. Whether we give it a prominent or supporting role, we can be sure that the space will charm with sophisticated style.

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In classic style

For lovers of timeless elegance, designers recommend a bathroom in universal white, which is never passé. And there are stunning Carrara marbles with unusual grain pattern in intense gray, such as Calacatta. Carrara marble, which comes from the deposits of an Italian quarry, will go well with black, gold, but also with pastels. A bathtub made of white stone can be the focal point of the bath salon, complemented by a stunning marble countertop and accessories in universal black.

And for those who want to decorate their interior according to the principle "less is better", marble straight from Portugal will be ideal. Alpine White is distinguished by its lightness and delicacy. The uniform pattern with a mirror effect captivates with its economical design - created directly for arrangements in the spirit of minimalism. Walls and floors lined with this type of marble will provide the perfect background for simple bathroom furniture and fixtures with an economical design.

Unobvious combinations

Rosa Portogallo, a non-obvious marble from Portugal with hints of pink, green and white with a distinct vein pattern in intense black, dark brown and burgundy, will form a harmonious duo with elements of black or gold. And when we want to create a space "as if carved in rock", it is worth using marble both on the floor, walls, as well as on the bathroom countertop and bathtub. To get a beautiful and at the same time light space, it is worth betting on beige. Marble in such an appearance can surprise. Very patterned stones juxtaposed with navy blue or bottle green will create a space "tailor-made" to the expectations of even the most demanding.

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In addition to its stunning appearance, marble is a resistant and durable rock, although it requires proper care. When using this stone in bathrooms, you should refrain from using aggressive chemicals, as marble is not resistant to acids. Although it is not as durable as granite, it is considered a long-lasting material. Resistant to damage, over time it is covered with a stately patina. The noble aggregate even ages with dignity and masterfully. Thanks to its properties, marble can be used as a material for bathroom countertops, wall coverings, floors and even bathtubs. A rich selection of marbles is offered by the Interstone brand.

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