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Martyna Idasiak, Jan Warchol and Paulina Wojnarowicz on Habitat Now Study Circle

15 of June '20

Martyna Idasiak, Jan Warchol and Paulina Wojnarowicz talk about the activities of the Habitat NOW research club operating at the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology. Listen to what its members do, how large architectural events are organized and what can be learned by working in a group.

The Habitat NOW research circle was founded on the initiative of Dr. Wojciech Januszewski and has been active since 2019 at the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology. The circle's subject of interest is the everyday environment of human life, including: residential architecture in the space of the modern city, typology and structure of the habitat environment, the urban fabric and its transformations, theories, ideas and utopias in architecture and urban planning, the relationship of private and public spaces, and experimental design techniques.

The goal of Habitat NOW is self-education, expanding knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning, especially in the area of organization of the habitat environment: gaining scientific and professional experience, acting for the benefit of the academic community of Wroclaw University of Technology, and popularizing science and technical knowledge among the local community.

Projects completed to date:

  • "(Pro)social distancing" architectural competition,
  • cult_chata7 - social media popularization series,
  • international architectural workshop "Compact or Open City",
  • "From Chair to City" exhibition at the Museum of Architecture.

scope of the podcast

Introduction, Habitat Now topics
Origins of the business
Exhibition "From Chair to City"
Workshop "Compact or Open City"
Subsequent editions of workshops, activities
"(pro)social distancing" competition
"Habitat Reconnecting the future" workshops, plans, activities
How did you end up at Habitat Now? What does the study circle provide?
Pros and cons of being a scientific member
What does studying architecture give you? The ability to communicate

From the podcast series entitled: "All about education - the best universities".

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Martyna Idasiak, Jan Warchol and Paulina Wojnarowicz

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