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Stylish rest in Cracow. Interior of aparthotel in mid-century style

25 of August '22
Technical data
Name: Apartment in sytlu mid-century modern
Investor: EXCLUSIVE Aparthotel
Location: Poland, Krakow
Studio: The Line Studio
Architects: Dominika Guca-Krawczyk, Magda Załoga
Photos: ONI Studio
Area: approx. 80 m²
Implementation: 2022

Architects from The Line Studio recently had the opportunity to work on a major project - the interiors of a Krakow aparthotel. One of them is a spacious apartment in mid-century modern style. Look out for natural colors and materials, design reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s, and art.

The living area is conducive to relaxation

The living area is conducive to relaxation

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

Theplace, the building, the surroundings - everything promised an interesting realization and our next business experience. This time we were asked to design the interiors of a Krakow apartment hotel. When designing investment apartments, consistently sticking to the budget is half the battle. At the same time, functionality and comfort of future guests is extremely important," say Dominika Guca-Krawczyk and Magda Załoga of The Line Studio.

Wnętrza apartamentu w krakowskim hotelu  The table is decorated with a ceramic bowl by Jacek Budzowski.

The table is decorated with a ceramic bowl by Jacek Budzowski

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

relaxing in a stylish apartment

Kraków's Exclusive Aparthotel, located on Lubicz Street, houses twenty-six residential units, ranging in size from 40 to 100 square meters. The Line Studio designed all the interiors of the building, but today we will focus on one of them - a bright mid-century modern style apartment, where you will find everything you need, from a living area with a functional kitchen to a comfortable bedroom.

Architects designed RTV cabinet Szafka RTV z misą

The architects designed a special RTV dresser

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

The living area proposed by the designers defines the character of the entire apartment. The white, functional kitchen is the background for the whole arrangement. The authors chose a large black vintage-style refrigerator and small kitchen appliances by Smeg to complete the arrangement. In the center is a massive table made of dark wood, and on it is an organic ceramic bowl by Jacek Budzowski, an artist from Lanckorona. Chairs upholstered in olive velvet fabric add accent.

Minimalist bedroom

minimalist bedroom

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

timeless accessories

Mahogany RTV chest of drawers made according to our design is a timeless piece of furniture referring in style to the 1950s and 1960s. The long, capacious, simple form, combined with an elegant finish, creates a harmonious composition. On it we set mid-century style accessories - original platters and stoneware bottles from that period bought in an antique store, the architects add.

Breaking the natural colors of the interior are accessories in contrasting combinations. A checkerboard rug found in one of the Scandinavian stores catches the eye. The icing on the cake is the black Wassily chair designed by Marcel Breuer. The walls are framed by artistic photographs by Agnieszka Potocka-Makoś, a Cracow-based photographer.

Minimalistyczne dodatki w sypialni Bedroom

The accent in the bedroom is provided by nightstands

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

minimalism and lightness

The bedroom is a land of lightness and simplicity. Minimalism rules the room, and the focal point is a large custom-made bed, covered with boucle fabric and linen sheets. An accent is provided by a bedside table made of chert wood and a table in a sculptural form. From the bedroom you can walk into a functional black and white bathroom, where a custom-made shower provides comfort and convenience.

 Łazienka utrzymana jest w biało-czarnych kolorach Spacious shower room

The bathroom is kept in white and black colors

Photo: ONI Studio © The Line Studio

We hope that our bright and comfortable mid-century style apartment will serve future guests and become a dream place to relax after a day's tour of Krakow," the architects conclude.

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