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Interwar chic in Katowice apartment of AMOK project

16 of June '20

The subdued interior of the one-hundred-meter villa from the interwar period is dominated by muted beiges and whites, with occasional darker elements of graphite or deep navy blue. All the elegant chic is complemented by delicate stucco on the walls, which harmonize with the beautiful herringbone wooden floor.

The architect from {tag:pracownie} faced the task of designing a functional space that is a background for everyday family life. The night zone of the apartment is located around the entrance hall. Here the architect decided to separate the parents' bedroom and dressing room from the children's room, located on the other side of the hall. The living zone is an open space, consisting of the kitchen, dining room and living room. From the kitchen there is an exit to a spacious balcony, which is thus an extension of the kitchen. An element that slightly breaks the interior is a painted wooden standing closet in the living room.

Apartament w międzywojennej wilii w Katowicach Apartament w katowickiej willi

The architect faced the task of designing a functional space that is a background for everyday family life


Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for the project?
Olga Kurek: The main inspiration was the interwar style of this part of Katowice - the villa is located in Koszutka.

Basia: Where did the idea for such a selection of colors and materials come from?
Olga: The warm color scheme - beige in the kitchen oak wood on the floor and the warm shade of tiles in the bathroom were to serve as a background for other elements of the interior.

Willa w Katowicach projektu Architektura Miejsca Olga Kurek

We wanted to create as large a living area as possible with the kitchen as an integral element of the


Basia: Where did this idea for the division of space come from?
We wanted to create the largest possible living zone with the kitchen as an integral element, hence the apartment is predominantly white, only the kitchen stands out in color. The whole is very simple except for one wall between the hall and the living room, which was decorated with stucco.

Basia: What was the biggest challenge in creating this place?
Olga: The big challenge was the design of the kitchen and the creation of a functional bedroom with a dressing room and laundry room.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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