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Modernist villa with a cozy interior. Design by FUGA Interior Architecture

19 of February '21

This home interior is certainly associated with the coziness we've been so craving lately. Architects from the FUGA Architecture Interiors design studio, founded by Antonina Sadurskaya and Katarzyna Burak, are responsible for its design. The architects managed to retain the essence of the style of the Warsaw modernist villa.

form preserved!

The pre-war villa is located in Wesola, an intimate, quiet neighborhood, far from the center of Warsaw. Although it was a law firm that offered a higher price, a unique thread of understanding was established between the previous owner and the family that bought the house. Why? Like the owner at the time, they have great respect for the original body of the house and planned to preserve it in its existing form. And so the house ended up in the hands of a family with three children.

Photo: FUGA Interior Architecture

original interior elements

The buyers of the house had a similar attitude to the interior as well. The family was anxious not only to preserve the architectural value by keeping the shape intact, but also to save as many original interior elements as possible. They came across an architectural firm that, by combining elements that had existed in the house for years with new ones, created an unusually warm and cozy space.

Photo: FUGA Interior Architecture

parquet, stairs and details

Among other things, the original wooden par quet flooring laid in a herringbone pattern was restored. The project also preserved the beautiful staircase, and even such details as the original old doorknobs, skirting boards and pre-war electrical switches made of Bakelite. Styled on the original cement mosaic in the upstairs bathroom, which, combined with modern fixtures, creates an interior full of harmony.

natural light

The character of the old house is also added by the centuries-old trees that surround it. The garden, visible from inside, not only contributes positively to the interior atmosphere, but is also easily accessible from the house thanks to convenient sliding doors with access to a wooden terrace. The windows of the house are very large, providing the rooms with beautiful daylight, and where necessary, the designers placed classic white blinds.

The architects created a space full of warmth, thanks in part to the furnishings - wooden furniture and soft textures. Soft armchairs, pillows and bedspreads add to the coziness. Ceiling lamps match the modernist nature of the villa, with black and gold hardware and raw, large decorative bulbs. Standing lamps - simple on a ceramic base, provide additional lighting and create atmosphere. Artistic, utilitarian accessories, such as glass vases and ceramics, complement the whole. Numerous live plants were placed in the corners, adding greenery and dynamism to the room.

Photo: FUGA Interior Architecture


Although the interiors are dominated by white and shades of natural wood, it is impossible not to pay attention to the colors interspersed between the spaces of the house. The red of the armchair, is repeated on artistic prints and posters framed in wooden frames. On the spacious bookcases, in addition to the multicolored spines of books, the eye is drawn to the beautiful, colorful decorations and dishes made of artistic ceramics from the private collections of the homeowner. The alcove-shelf in the hallway is distinguished by the dark navy blue that fills it. The kitchen gained even more space and light, thanks to the white furniture and the kitchen built-in. Modern pasadzki tiles in geometric patterns are styled after the original modernist ones. For the bathrooms, the architects have already smuggled in more color. In one through a blue shade on the walls, in another - green, glossy ceramic tiles. The interior of the bathrooms is decorated with rounded mirrors and modernist sconces in black and gold frames. The color also appears in the bedroom, thanks to the soft upholstery of the furniture.

keep the old

It turns out that rescuing old interior elements can go hand in hand with creating a modern and functional space. Combining original modernist details with contemporary art and practical solutions, wood and natural tones - is this the recipe for coziness?

Marta Kowalska

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