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New iPhone update to meet pandemic reality

Katarzyna Oczkowska
17 of February '21

In the era of pandemics, we are all well aware of a whole host of difficulties that confront us. Previously ordinary activities that we didn't even pay attention to become problematic. This is caused by a design that was not prepared for the completely new ways of functioning and use caused by pandemic strictures. One such thing is the seemingly mundane act of unlocking an Iphone using Face ID, which, however, becomes unworkable the moment we wear masks on our faces.

Finally, after several months of Face ID non-functionality, Apple representatives have announced the introduction of a new update, the lack of which has been complained about by many users and iPhone users in the pandemic era. The new iOS feature will allow users to unlock their phones without removing their protective mask. But interestingly, however, this solution will not be available to everyone, so here we will have to deal with a kind of elitism and the need to bundle Apple products together, which is what the company is known for. After all, the strategy of creating a technological hybrid that works as one big organism is what is characteristic of Apple's devotees and admirers, but also the cause of much criticism.

The problematic issue of face

Over the past few years, Apple has gradually moved away from the technology of using a fingerprint to unlock access to the phone. This has been replaced by a face scanner function, perhaps more convenient relative to the use of a finger, but in the age of pandemonium, this technology has become quite a problem for the manufacturer. While the system is able to recognize our facial features by scanning only the eyes and forehead, the technology becomes completely useless when the nose and mouth are covered.

An elitist approach and a clever solution

Some Iphone users have already been given access to a test version of iOS 14.5, which will make it possible to unlock the screen using Face ID without removing the protective mask. However, the information about the planned update and, above all, how this update will work, has been met with a lot of reluctance by some Iphone users. This is because the problematic issue is that in order for the new feature to work, one must also be equipped with another Apple product, more specifically the Apple Watch. The moment you don't have a watch configured with an Iphone, you won't be able to apply the new update and deal with the problem of unlocking your phone or payment card on your phone without having to chase down the mask or enter the code manually each time. Also, the option of borrowing a watch from a friend to unlock the new feature will not be possible, as the Apple Watch will only work when the bluetooth signal between the phone and the watch is strong enough.

new update to be released soon

The official release date of the iOS 14.5 update is not yet known, but since the beta version for developers was made available on February 1, and new versions are released about a month apart, we can expect the publicly available update to arrive later in February. Although with this general availability is too much to say, after all, in order to use one, we will also have to purchase the other - quintessential capitalism.

Katarzyna Oczkowska

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