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Office perfectly tailored to architects' needs

Katarzyna Oczkowska
16 of February '21

Usually, when we talk about architectural projects, we mean what is created as a result of a commission. However, in the case of the Poznan office interior project, architectsfrom AMJ studio designed the space in which they now create themselves. Minimalism, black and white, a dialogue with the historical character of the place and the introduction of unobvious, stylish elements - all this can be found in the office tailored just right for the architects.

The interior design in a historic tenement house in Poznan's Jeżyce district was created as a coherent, monochromatic space, combiningtradition and modernity. The extensively renovated premises are now the headquarters for two companies: Havel Prado and AMJ studio. The implementation of the bold ideas of the designers, more specifically Adam Jankowski, Marek Jankowski and Kamil Paszek, in this case involved a strong interference with the existing structure of the building. The architects were not afraid to demolish several walls to further open up the interior space. Undoubtedly, a major design challenge was the adaptation of the interiors of the historic building and adapting them to the requirements of a modern workplace. The entire structure of the premises was first completely demolished: floors, plaster and ceilings were torn down. Then, using modern technological solutions, the architects took care to increase thermal and acoustic comfort. The entire premises were equipped with underfloor heating, new electrical installations, warm windows and soundproofing interior partitions.

Widok na wnętrze
biura Havel Prado i AMJ studio

Interior view of the Havel Prado office and AMJ studio

photo by Adam Jankowski © AMJ studio

influence of local context

The greatest influence in the creation of the architectural vision was exerted on the designers by the unique climate of the Jeżyce district. This part of Poznań is characterized by an inspiring urban fabric in the form of richly ornamented historic townhouses. On the other hand, close to the office are the modern facilities of the Poznań International Fair, which contrast with the historic architecture in an interesting way. The design of the office interiors is therefore a kind of hybrid - an individual combination of both styles.

Wnętrze biura Havel
Prado i AMJ studio

The interior of the office of Havel Prado and AMJ studio

photo by Adam Jankowski © AMJ studio

Minimalism and historical elements

The minimalism of the interior is associated with the alternating use of black and white, which contrast strongly with each other, creating a visually interesting, uncluttered effect. The original bricks of the historic tenement have been preserved here, which were discovered under the old plaster during renovation work. Hence, the idea to protect the visible strip of bricks under the ceiling came from this, and the clear exposure of the authentic structure adds to the character and identity of the place, while at the same time giving the impression of warmth and coziness.

Widok na wnętrze
biura z czarnymi fotelami

Interior view of the office with black chairs

photo by Adam Jankowski © AMJ studio

An important goal was that the modern character should not cancel out elements of the past, but rather expose its best elements. The effect of coziness is also provided by light wood elements. Meanwhile, illumination of workplaces is achieved through the use of large glass partitions in the interiors. In turn, the two former balcony windows leading to the loggia have been replaced with a single wide display window. As a result, the conference room is now open scenically to the Poznań International Fair.

z zabytkowych maszyn do pisania

One of the historic typewriters

photo by Adam Jankowski © AMJ studio

retro and Baltic

Additional elements of the interior, highlighting its character and emphasizing its sense of style, are black leather armchairs, a retro sofa with classical lines and a collection of vintage typewriters. The work spaces are complemented by black and white photographs thematically related to Polish landscapes. The interiors of the office also use motifs referring to the Baltic Sea, specifically stones from the native beaches.

Fotografie pejzażowe
we wnętrzu biurowym Havel Prado i AMJ studio

Landscape photographs in the office interior by Havel Prado and AMJ studio

photo by Adam Jankowski © AMJ studio

a place for creative work

AMJ studio's design is an amalgamation of many diverse elements, which nevertheless create a coherent, stylish whole, in line with contemporary trends of combining modern elements with the context of the place. In the end, the most important thing is to create for oneself such a space in which creative work will gain the best possible results. as the architects emphasize:

Working on a historic structure is always interesting, because we never really know what to expect. However, with the right approach and knowledge, we were able to avoid most of the serious problems.

Katarzyna Oczkowska

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