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Piotr Smierzewski on the work of an architect #the architect's profession

29 of April '20

What does it mean to be an architect today? What are the conditions for practicing this profession? In the series "The Architect's Profession" we address these two questions to Polish architects, and illustrate their statements with unrealized office projects. In today's installment, Piotr Śmierzewski of the ANALOG studio answered our questions.


Piotr Smierzewski

1 What does it mean to be an architect today?

You can be an architect in many ways, in ANALOG studio we treat architecture as a way to organize the world around us. Being an architect is above all a sense of responsibility for the space around us. This is why architecture is for us first and foremost a field of knowledge, and practicing it requires continuous self-education.

2 What are the conditions for practicing architecture?

It seems to me that the inevitable future of the profession is large design studios operating on a paracorporate basis. In our studio, we want to make the most of this leftover time that is left to small author studios.



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