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BBGK will change the skyline of Wroclaw. New building in Port Popowice

Helena Postawka-Lech
06 of October '20

Port Popowice is steadily growing, enriching itself with new interesting projects. This time in the competition for a residential building, the first prize was won by BBGK Architects studio. Their project is an 80-meter tower with good sunlight and a view of the Oder River.

The complex in Port Popowice is being developed by Vantage Development. The investment is growing in sight. Last year, in August, architects from the Warsaw-based WXCA studio won a competition to design the office building. In turn, at the end of the year, the competition for the concept of developing the harbor basin was settled (the winning studio was AiS). The pandemic has not slowed down the investor's activities. Last week, the best residential project - by BBGK Architekci- was selected. The next places in the competition were taken by Group-Arch (second place), WXCA and 3XA (ex aequo third place).

Sunny apartments with a view of the Oder River

BBGK's design shows a high-rise building consisting of 3 staggered blocks, which allowed even better sunlight exposure for the apartments in the building. As a result, more apartments will have a unique view of the Oder River and the city. The architects also proposed the use of a glazed curtain façade, which will further increase the spectacular panorama, visible from the high windows.
As Wojciech Kotecki, a partner at BBGK Architekci, points out:

The structure of the building is hidden in the exterior walls and communication shafts. Therefore, the apartment layouts will be fully flexible and adaptable. Adapting the space of the apartments to the needs of the users and the possibility to make changes later is an important aspect for us, which ensures that the building will work well both today and decades from now.

Wysokośiowiec w Porcie Popowice, BBGK Architekci

The winning design by BBGK Architekci studio

© BBGK Architekci

living center full of greenery

The architects made sure that the building will not only become an important part of the skyline of the western part of Wroclaw, but also create an active space, filled with urban life. This will be possible thanks to the building's location by the harbor and the greenery designed together with the building, which harmonizes with the Popowicki Park next door. Wojciech Kotecki of BBGK Architekci studio adds:

The greenery in the square allows for the creation of space for various activities - there will be an amphitheater, a picnic area, a playground, a fountain area and a mist area. Cafes located in the first floor of the "O" building will have their own gardens in the south-lit part of the square.

grass and bike

Wroclaw residents and tourists will be able to take advantage of these attractions by commuting to the Popowice Port by streetcar (construction of the line is underway, and 2 stops are planned at the height of the development) or by car, parking in the underground garage (of 640 spaces, 172 are provided for services). For lovers of two wheels, almost 100 bicycle spaces will be waiting.
The construction of the facility and the space around the marina is planned for the coming years. In the following months, the final visualizations of the "O" building, along with the developed space of the harbor basin, will be refined.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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