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Metamorphosis of an unused attic. Poznan apartment in loft style

25 of August '21

Adapting an unused attic located in one of Poznań's townhouses was quite a challenge for Agnieszka Szalbierz, an architect from the Szalbierz Design studio. Together with the owner, she had to replace almost everything - from the roof to the floor. However, the effort definitely paid off. A bright Lofoten-style apartment with artistic boho touches was created on 140 square meters.

The common goal of Kuba - the owner of the apartment - and architect Agnieszka Szalbierz was to use the Poznań attic in a practical way, without dividing it or closing it into small rooms. In the end, on 140 square meters, the living area with a living room, kitchen and dining room was separated, as well as a small office, a bedroom with a passage to a dressing room and a bathroom.

Część dzienna
poznańskiego poddasza

The living area occupies the central part of the apartment

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

Turning an unused attic into an apartment required a lot of work. We had to replace everything from the roof to the floor. The biggest challenge, however, turned out to be developing a functional layout for this space. After all, there was no bathroom or kitchen, and the load-bearing walls set a very general framework," says Agnieszka Szalbierz.

focus on the living zone

The living zone occupies the central part of the apartment. In its very center is the chimney, and next to it is the exit to the roof terrace. A decorative stove - a goat - also stands here.

Although stylized radiators, which look old, are responsible for warmth in winter. However, such a stove emphasizes the character of the interior and builds up the atmosphere on colder days, the architect adds.

Koza w centrum
poddasza Industrialny regał

Thecharacteristic element is the black stove and numerous plants

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

The attic is a harmonious combination of several styles: minimalism is represented by white walls and floors, vintage accents are added by exposed bricks and beams, and industrial elements are interspersed here and there. The whole creates a mix of loft and boho. The space was created to accommodate the many items the residents surround themselves with. There are many travel souvenirs, gadgets and contemporary artworks, as well as lush flowers.

Miejsce relaksu
i ceglana ściana

The lounge area features comfortable furniture, lots of art and a brick wall

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

One corner of the living space has been allocated for a lounge area, separated from the dining room by an openwork metal bookcase, incorporated between the beams supporting the roof. The most important furniture here are: a comfortable leather sofa, an armchair and a unique coffee table made of recycled wood and fitted with loft-style casters. There could also be no shortage of gaming equipment and a TV.

Loftowa kuchnia w poznańskim poddaszu

A black island and hockers add a strong accent to the kitchen

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

loft kitchen

Used throughout the living space and in the bedroom, the solid white resin floor draws particular attention in the kitchen, and this is through a contrast with the black kitchen island and hockers. In the kitchen, the apartment owner's father made two tables - a dining table and a coffee table - out of reclaimed wood. Meanwhile, Kuba himself cast the anthracite countertops of the kitchen development from concrete. The rest of the furniture is black and white referring to the loft style. The last important element of the living area is the workspace. It is formed by a wooden countertop supported by simple metal trestles, perversely juxtaposed with vintage-style club chairs.

Zielona sypialnia
w poznańskim mieszkaniu

Colorful elements in the bedroom

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

A bedroom full of color and an old closet

A sliding door made of old floorboards leads to the bedroom (as well as to the bathroom located next to it). The key role here is played by a large bed, set against a dark green rectangle painted on the wall. The role of bedside lamps is played by stylized fluorescent lights hung on cables. Openwork metal furniture also adds character. A mysterious element is the dressing room, which is entered through an old closet!

w poznańskim mieszkaniu

In the bathroom you will find numerous plants

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

rainforest in the bathroom

The bathroom in the Poznań loft is the space most subordinated to the requirements of functionality, but it too combines practical qualities with an interesting form. The walls and floor are covered with stoneware tiles imitating concrete. Above the bath appeared a skylight window, which illuminates the interior, and also allows you to look at the stars during an evening bath. The concealed sink and shower faucets are minimalist and easy to clean. A bright interior with a favorable level of humidity is perfectly conducive to the numerous plants placed there. A visit to such a bathroom brings to mind exotic travels.

Okna dachowe
i połaciowe w łazience Sypialnia w różowym

The attic is a combination of natural and artificial, unusual light

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

more light!

A big problem during the renovation of the attic was the issue of interior lighting. The Poznanian tenement is subject to conservation protection, so from the street side it was only possible to open the round windows that were once covered. Fortunately, new openings could be created on the side of the courtyard, as well as in the side wall - which benefited the kitchen. In addition, sunlight also enters the apartment through slope windows.

Strefa dzienna

In the apartment you will also find a lot of wooden and metal elements

Photo: Maja Musznicka, Shine Studio © Szalbierz Design

The ubiquitous bevels, on the other hand, made the selection of lamps difficult.

The solution has become busbars. By themselves, they have a loft character, which suited the owner, and at the same time they allow any direction of the fixtures, so that the light falls on the floor and not on the ceiling or walls, explains Agnieszka Szalbierz.

The owner also introduced mood lamps himself, with different character and light, thanks to which he can easily create and change the atmosphere of the apartment.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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