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Premiere of the Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska collection.

29 of June '21

A live artistic performance, unconventional scenery and a whole range of emotions. The premiere of the Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska tile collection is behind us! On June 29 this year, the Warsaw headquarters of the Association of Polish Architects hosted a unique meeting of design and great fashion - the premiere of the sensual Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska ceramic tile collections. During the evening, full of emotions and artistic sensations, the invited guests were able to learn about the behind-the-scenes cooperation between the Polish manufacturer and the esteemed fashion designer, and take part in a performance with the participation of celebrities.

when design meets great fashion

Industrial design and great fashion have never been so close. Thanks to the unusual, authentic cooperation between Ceramika Paradyż and Gosia Baczyńska, collections were created that delight with their originality, richness of structures and unobvious colors. The interesting form, unusual guests and non-accidental choice of venue created a unique, sensual atmosphere.

The event took place in the garden and pavilion of the Konstanty Zamoyski Palace in Warsaw, the headquarters of the SARP General Board. It is a place that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the interpenetration of different worlds, combining architecture with art. For the event, Gosia Baczynska arranged the space, creating a modern apartment with surrealistic elements. The heart of the setting was the latest ceramic tiles of her design.

Gosia Baczyńska

Gosia Baczynska talks about her new collection

photo: AKPA

going behind the scenes

The meeting began with a press briefing, during which the creators of the collection talked about the backstage of their joint work and revealed how the clash of two only seemingly distant worlds - great fashion and design - looked like in practice. Guests also had the opportunity to see a specially prepared film showing this cooperation from the inside. The speakers were Gosia Baczyńska, Dr. Anna Tępińska-Marcinek (co-owner and board member of Ceramika Paradyż), Aldona Chudzicka (director of the product development department). The meeting was moderated by Tomasz Popielawski (spokesman for Ceramika Paradyż).

Creating the Paradyż My Way collection with Gosia Baczynska was a wonderful creative process for us. The collaboration was amazing! Gosia has great energy and enthusiasm for her work. Of course, the inspiration for these beautiful collections came from the fabrics, her creations from the fashion show and her work as a whole," stressed Aldona Chudzicka.

zaaranżowana przez Gosię Baczyńską

Gosia Baczynska arranged the space, creating a modern apartment with surrealistic elements

photo: AKPA

artistry at its best

Gosia Baczynska's events always carry an aura of mystery and an element of surprise. This time was no different either. During the premiere of the Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska tile collection, guests took part in a real live performance, directed by Jarosław Stańek and Katarzyna Zielonka. In a space reminiscent of a luxury apartment, well-known artists, including: Michal Piróg, Mateusz Banasiuk, Bilguun Ariunbaatar, Aleksandra Linda, Zofia Czernicka and Sandra Kevin, gave a unique performance, which, combined with a concert by the Lavina band, delighted all attendees. The creation of this performance is the result of a thoughtful vision of the designer, who until the last moment kept its details only for herself.

I wanted the invited guests to become part of the performance, to see the interiors alive from the inside. Walking to the rhythm of the bolero, they felt that each of the designed collections is living proof of the fusion of fashion and design. And just like tiles that flow and burn - they sank into a truly dreamlike dance," said Gosia Baczynska.

The event brought together many celebrities and key representatives of the interior and fashion media. Guests appreciated the original concept of the premiere, as well as the idea of the creators to combine inspiration from the world of fashion and interiors to create something unique.

The combination of many creative minds and Gosia's incredible energy showed that fashion and design can intertwine to create truly spectacular results. We are extremely proud of the Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska collection, and the event was a wonderful culmination of our cooperation," concluded Dr. Anna Tępińska-Marcinek, co-owner and board member of Ceramika Paradyż.

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