Cersanit S.A. is a dynamically growing capital group, operating on the international market of ceramic tiles and comprehensive bathroom equipment. The Cersanit Group includes renowned European brands: Cersanit, Opoczno, Meissen Keramik, Pilkington's and Mei.

The product offer of Cersanit brands reaches all countries of the European Union, the markets of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, as well as Central Asia and North Africa. Thanks to its extensive structure, the Cersanit Group is able to respond quickly to regional challenges and adapt its portfolio to local specifics. It provides efficient and professional customer service throughout its operations.


Opoczno has been inspiring the creation of interiors with unique style for many years, providing tiles with an exceptional variety of patterns, colors, structures and formats. Each collection is a sophisticated design resulting from the commitment of designers who passionately seek ideas in line with trends and customer expectations. The subtle combination of tradition and modernity, as well as the use of the latest technologies, makes all Opoczno brand products stand out for their unique aesthetics and excellent quality.

The origins of the Opoczno brand date back to 1883, when Jan Dziewulski and brothers Jozef and Wladyslaw Lange began producing ceramic products and red brick. The range was quickly expanded to include tiles, wall tiles, stoneware tiles and terracotta in various colors. Intense growth led to the company being transformed into the Dziewulski and Lange Joint Stock Company in 1898, but the name was changed twice more by the end of the 1930s. Production was curtailed during World War II, after which the company was nationalized.

The unique character of the products was taken care of from the very beginning of the company, undertaking cooperation with artists, designers and technicians. In 1905, the Dziewulski and Lange Joint Stock Company, together with the Circle of Architects, announced a competition for the most beautiful designs to decorate Opoczno tiles. Also, the contemporary collections are a reflection of European trends in design, fashion and art, an original concept of designers working with design studios from Italy and Spain. Prized by interior designers, Opoczno ceramic tiles are a combination of classics and modernity that make up many unique collections.

The high quality of Opoczno products is the result of using the latest technologies in the production process. The brand was one of the first to introduce rectified tiles, which have perfectly smooth edges and maintain perfect dimensional accuracy.

In recognition of the exceptional quality of its products, striking design and attention to detail, Opoczno has won many awards and distinctions. In 1993 it received the "Teraz Polska" emblem, and in 1997 the "Golden Statue of the Leader of Polish Business". In 2013 the brand was awarded the prestigious Superbrands and Superbrands Created in Poland, and in 2015 it was awarded the "EU Ceramics Pearl 2015", the "Distributors Ceramics Pearl 2015" and the "Designers Ceramics Pearl - CAD Decor Users 2015". The Opoczno brand once again received the "EU Ceramics Pearl" in 2017. Especially valuable are two of the awards won: "Best Polish Company" and "Golden Consumer Laurel" in recognition of customers.

Intense development, the introduction of new technologies and concepts have put Opoczno among the leading ceramic tile manufacturers in the country and abroad. Having one of the richest offerings in Poland, it is also the most recognizable brand among customers. The brand's products are valued by interior designers at home and abroad, being an aesthetic determinant of original and stylish interior designs. In 2007, the Opoczno brand became part of Cersanit S.A.

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