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Green art therapy center. Pole's project with the audience award

19 of August '22

Using parametric design, {tag:studenci} from the Silesian University of Technology designed an art therapy center that could be built in the UK. His idea ,inspired by thehexagonal shapes found in nature, participated in the UNI platform's Healing strokes international competition and won the Audience Award!

The challenge of the competition was to design a building for art therapy in the suburb of Blackburn, UK. The participants had a plot of land of 8,450 square meters to develop. Within its boundaries, a therapy center is to be built that can accommodate up to a hundred people struggling with mental health issues such as chronic stress, anxiety. The building was to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Na elewacji rosną pnącza

The art therapy cnetrum is to be located in the UK

© Jacek Czudak

Audience Award for a student of PŚ

The goal of the competition was to create a space that would be a platform for the collaborative creation of art (painting, sculpture, music) as part of the therapeutic process. The proposed architecture was to facilitate creative work as well as promote therapy and relaxation, isolating from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The building was to be designed with functional divisions and internal openings in mind.

The submitted works were evaluated by a two-person jury of architects from the SANGRAD+AVP studio from Croatia, consisting of Erick Velasco Farrera and Vedrana Pedisic. They awarded the Grand Prize to the work Inner Centre, a space for creativity and inner peace by Maxine Lass. Jacek Czudak received the Audience Award for his art therapy center project.His proposal is also an engineering work done under the direction of Dr. Iwona Benek at the Silesian University of Technology.

Projekt centrum arteterapii, zagospodarowanie terenu

The author divided the building into two parts and used an expansion gap

© Jacek Czudak

appropriate therapy center

In today's world, psychological problems are a growing topic and are becoming an increasingly visible issue. In 2019, more than 19% of the adult population living in the UK used psychological help. Students at top universities in Europe have the same level of anxiety and stress as soldiers in 1950! The constant emergence of new problems is also causing a steady development of this field of science, resulting in new types of therapy, including art therapy, or art therapy. The increasing demand for access to psychological help is leading to the establishment of numerous therapy centers, but most of them are not built from the ground up with patients and their needs in mind, and are located in other often unsuitable buildings. I believe that publicizing this situation and creating a concept for a center that would not only meet the technical conditions, but also pay attention to the needs, both with its function and form is an important answer to the current problem, which is beginning to appear all over the world," explains Jacek Czudak.

Liczna zieleń ma sprzyjać terapii

abundant greenery is to promote therapy

© Jacek Czudak

art therapy building

Before starting the competition design, Jacek Czudak analyzed the Blackubrn - Pleasington neighborhood, where the plot was located. It is a quiet place, with a small number of single-family houses bathed in greenery. Based on the analysis, the Silesian University of Technology student proposed a two-story building inspired by nature and directly referring to it - both in shape and the introduction of greenery on the building's facades. Vegetation was also placed in the interior courtyards.

Inspiracje projektowe można odnaleźć w naturze

Design inspirations can be found in nature

© Jacek Czudak

parametric design inspired by nature

The grid of the building was based on parametric subdivision, inspired by the organic shapes of nature, such as the innervation of leaves, the shape of insect wings, or the cracks of dry soil. The proposed form is intended to allude to the unity of man and nature in a non-literal way. The use of greenery introduced into the building as patios, a green roof, or specially designed steel elevation frames for climbing plants is therefore no coincidence, the author explains.

Projekt centrum arteterapii, aksonometria

axonometry and functional division

© Jacek Czudak

The therapy center, made in reinforced concrete construction, is divided into two parts, separated by an expansion gap. The aforementioned framework also organizes the overhang of climbers, filters sunlight, thermally insulates the building and provides a barrier separating users from the outside environment.

Projekt centrum arteterapii, rzut parteru

first floor plan, the center is the inner courtyard

© Jacek Czudak

The building includes public spaces - a catering area, a gallery, as well as private spaces available only to therapy users - a hotel area, therapy rooms and offices.

Część obiektu ma zielone dachy

Part of the facility is covered with green roofs

© Jacek Czudak

In addition to the green roofs, the author used soprastar white roofing paper. This type of white roofing makes it possible to lower the temperature inside the building by several degrees, reducing the energy required to cool it.

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