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New interior of the headquarters of the State Forests - Malgorzata Hendrych-Lubinskaya

13 of March '20

Malgorzata Hendrych-Lubinskaya, the author of the interior design for the Dretyn headquarters of the State Forests, decided to play with forest convention while basing the project on minimalist, modern assumptions.

Dark corridors, lamps casting weak light and "coffee" wall colors are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Proof of this is the project of the {tag:Studio} office, which creatively, yet with respect for the institution, transformed the existing space beyond recognition.

The architect decided to use naturally occurring materials and colors. Hence the reception counter was made of wood, in which the grain and knots are still noticeable. The sink located in the restroom sits on a stump properly adapted for this purpose. The entire premises are bathed in white, which makes the rooms appear visually larger and are better lit. Elements of green - stained glass doors in this color, or mosses and lichens, perfectly breaks the bright monotony. Tall birch tree trunks appearing here and there only complete the impression of an interior in tune with nature.

Headquarters of the Forestry Commission in Dredyń before and after modernization

photo Malgorzata Hendrych-Lubinska | photo Adam Jutrzenka

All decorations and interior design elements were made of natural materials in cooperation with specialists. Plants placed in the "aquarium" in the reception area have been properly protected, so they do not require care, and their appearance will remain unchanged.

In addition to the transformation of the interior design, the investor's main objectives have been met - a reception desk has appeared in the lobby, new office rooms have been separated, and the whole has been properly illuminated.


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