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An apartment in Warsaw's Wola district, bathed in roses and gold

03 of September '21
Technical data
Name: apartment on Siedmiogrodzka street
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz
Design team: Aleksandra Hyz, Aleksandra Mętlewicz


31 m²



Located in Warsaw's Wola district, in a new art déco style tenement, the small apartment is easily memorable thanks to its bold colors. Its interior was designed by two architects Aleksandra Hyz of hyzprojektuje. and Aleksandra Mętlewicz for a single woman who loves to surround herself with pink color.

The 31-square-meter Warsaw apartment is small, but with good planning, sufficient for the investor, who wanted to feel "at home" in its interior. Her main design requirement was the omnipresent pink, the impression of spaciousness and bright interiors. In it, the architects designed the space of the kitchen, living room and dining room, which blend seamlessly with each other.

Mieszkanie na Woli,
widok z jadalni Sypialnia schowana za kotarą

The view from the living area and the bedroom hidden behind a curtain

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz

An interesting and practical element is the mobile kitchen island, thanks to which the living room space can be enlarged when needed. The wall between the living room and the bedroom is also movable, as it is formed by a fabric that can be slid and pulled apart to open up the view to the far side. The entire bedroom is "lined" with fabric - the closet has been partitioned with a curtain, and the headrest over the bed is also a soft element.

Mobilna wyspa kuchenna Lustrzana szafa
w przedpokoju

A mobile kitchen island and a mirrored closet influence the perception of the space

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz

We wanted the sleeping space to be the smallest space in the apartment because of its function, and thanks to this treatment we were able to enlarge the living room with the kitchen and dining room, the spaces where the client spends the most time, the architects add.

Another treatment that enlarges the square footage is a mirrored closet placed in the entrance area. Thanks to this, sitting in the living room, even with our backs to the window, we can observe the reflection of the city.

Sypialnia za kotarą Złote lampy w sypialni

The interiors are dominated by velvet and gold accents

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Dobrawa Bies: Ubiquitous pink and gold and noble materials (velvet, ceramics) are the first things we notice when we cross the threshold of a Warsaw apartment. Why such an unusual design decision and where did you draw your inspiration from?

Aleksandra Hyz: Although we know that pink has been firmly entrenched in interior trends for some time now, it was an acutely independent decision to use this color. Simply put, this color is adored by our client. Also she was our inspiration. Although the guideline was supposed to be stronger pinks like fuchsia, but for the sake of calm and harmony, we decided on muted pinks. Because such strong colors might not give her a sense of relaxation, or even perpetual activity. After all, returning to the apartment after work was supposed to be relaxing and calming for her, not stimulating. You have to admit that there was a struggle for that :) Happily it ended with satisfaction on both sides.

Różowa łazienka Różowe kafelki
w łazience

Even the bathroom is bathed in pink

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Dobrawa: How was the design work, did the client have, any unusual (besides colors) requests?

Aleksandra Mętlewicz: The only thing we had to fit in this apartment was a litter box for the cat, which, as we know. is not always the prettiest design element. We decided to build the litter box in the closet, but with a special opening for the free passage of the cat behind the need :) and of course - a lot of pink, a lot of pink:) Although I have this feeling that the final one, however, is a white apartment with a fair amount of pink.

Fragment salonu Fragment wyspy kuchennej

lots and lots of pink

Photo: Migdał Studio © hyzprojektuje., Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Dobrawa: What was the most difficult part of this project, and what are you most satisfied with?

Aleksandra Hyz and Aleksandra Mętlewicz : We are most satisfied, with the functionality of this apartment. The fact that the client accommodated all her belongings in the designed spaces, the fact that we were able to convince her to go with a lighter edition of pink, and the fact that all barriers and restrictions (fixed walls) were eliminated. It gives a feeling of much more space.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dobrawa Bies

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