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Journey to Mexico. Interior Design Inspirations

25 of May '20

Distant travels still have to wait for us for a while, but nothing prevents us from bringing an atmosphere reminiscent of our favorite or dream vacation spot into our home. Check out the Mexican-inspired interior design suggestions.

WestingNow stylists this time took the style of one of Central America's most popular destinations - Mexico- under the microscope. Our first encounter with Mexico was a delight with energetic colors, music flowing from everywhere and smiling people. Today we embark on an interior journey inspired by this magnetizing country.

słoneczne kolory w salonie

© WestwingNow

kingdom of color

Mexico is a veritable feast of colors! Almost everything is fabulously colorful in this country - the costumes of the inhabitants, birds, flowers, buildings, food.... Such are also the proposed textiles and accessories - some of them decorated with fancy embroideries. You will love the energy flowing from them!

ciepłe kolory mebli

© WestwingNow

mexican soul

Dark-colored wooden furniture goes well with strong colors. They add class and elegance to the interior. Complemented with natural materials: cotton, wool and rattan, they will create an atmosphere in a stylish Mexican hacienda.

w meksykańskim stylu

© WestwingNow

dream trip

A trip to Mexico is a trip you will never forget. If you haven't been to the country of the Aztecs and Mayans, you'll feel the electrifying atmosphere of a trip to the unknown with our suggestions. Colorful pillows and rugs will conquer your living room or bedroom.

kolorowe, kuchenne dodatki

© WestwingNow

fiesta of colors

Desire to throw a Mexican fiesta? Stock your kitchen with colorful dishes and accessories. Their vivid colors will bring a bit of energy and make every dish taste better.

elaborate. ed.

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