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Tuscany in Gdynia. Interior from Besign Studio

22 of October '20

Bright furniture, aged wood and rustic details - these are the main accents of the apartment in Gdynia designed by Magdalena Wieczorek of Besign Studio. It is decorated in the Tuscan style, i.e. inspired by rural residences from around Florence. This style, also known as rustic italian, also works well outside of Italy. With its bright colors, it will brighten up any interior.

A Gdynia apartment, and the atmosphere is like in Italy! This is thanks to the designer, Magdalena Wieczorek, who perfectly captured the spirit of sunny Italy. For the owners of the apartment, the choice of style was very important. Their passions are travel and food, so Italy is their dream place on earth. They are also professionally connected with them - they run an Italian restaurant in Sopot. Therefore, the Tuscan style in the apartment worked perfectly.

Besign studio

interior from Besign Studio

© Jakub Nanowski

interior full of light

The dominant colors in the apartment are white, light blue and light gray. This makes the interior light and filled with light. Even freestanding furniture or built-in cabinets in the kitchen gain lightness thanks to this. Wood also plays an important role here. In its natural warm color it is present in the form of aged floorboards or finishes. This breaks the omnipresent white and adds warmth to the interior.

Besign Studio Besign Studio

kitchen from Besign Studio

© Jakub Nanowski

center of life

The designer paid special attention to the kitchen - due to the passion and profession of the residents. Here, too, white dominates, with which cast-iron cabinet handles and cup racks contrast. Attention is also drawn to such details as decorative cutouts in the cabinets in the shape of a three-leaf clover. These are small details that add character to the whole. Just like the ceramic sink and stylized faucet.

Besign studio, Magdalena Wieczorek Besign Studio, Magdalena Wieczorek

A bedroom in a Gdynia apartment from Besign Studio

© Jakub Nanowski

land of tranquility

Tuscan style works well in the bedroom. White furniture and linen fabrics introduce a romantic mood into the interior conducive to relaxation. Massive sliding doors with brass hardware also attract attention. They separate the interior of the bedroom from the rest of the apartment, making it a separate world. The occupants can relax here or immerse themselves in memories. Additions such as a table made from an old sewing machine or a mirror frame made from a window frame add to the atmosphere of the whole place.

Besign Studio, Gdynia Besign Studio, Gdynia

A bedroom in a Gdynia apartment from Besign Studio

© Jakub Nanowski

White with small black accents in the form of cast iron handles or decors on the floor also dominates the bathroom. It was separated from the toilet, so it took on the character of a small bath room. As in other parts of the apartment, the light wood elements used warm up the interior.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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