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Zapieksy - 90s vibe in Poznan's Jeżyce district from BO/SKO studio

22 of July '20

Poznan's Jeżyce district hides a powerhouse of great food served in equally great places. The list is already quite long, and now Zapieks has joined it! Real casseroles, including seasonal ones, await you at Bufet Truck. As the menu board says - they serve both classics and antics here!

Two Daries - BOlewicka and SKOczylas from the BO/SKO studio - are responsible for the look of the Zapieks in Jozice. Here you'll find neon, terrazzo, small elements of industrial style in the form of, among others, a black lattice surrounding the bar and a concrete floor, all sprinkled with color! Zapieks may seem like just another foodtruck place, but if so, the whole thing comes out of a premium sign - the best quality ingredients are imported from Italy, and the baguettes come from a local bakery. There's nothing left to do but head for Zapieksy!

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for this project?
BO/SKO: The main inspiration was the casseroles themselves, the food of our childhood. This led us to the 1990s and the combination of colors we used: in the design we have orangish with emerald, which in smaller details is supported by purple. In addition, we had to refer to the location - Jeżyce is a very atmospheric district of Poznań, with a slight retro touch, which we also wanted to smuggle into the design.

Zapieksy w Poznaniu na Jeżycach. Studio BO/SKO Bufet Truck Zapieksy w Poznaniu na Jeżycach

In addition, we had to refer to the location - Jeżyce is a very climatic district of Poznań, with a slight retro touch, which we also wanted to smuggle in the design

photo: Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

Basia: How did the design process go?
BO/SKO: We know each other privately from the owners of Bufet Truck, the foodtruck from which Ola and Maciek started their adventure with gastronomy. Zapieksy is their first stationary restaurant, so we were very happy that they bestowed their trust on us.

The 90s, street style, but also the slight nostalgia for retro that characterizes Jeżyce - we all knew we had to combine it. We started our work by planning the layout - the place is small, so it was quite a challenge! The next step was to catch the character of the place and.... it turned out that we understood each other without words.

Basia: What were the investor's requirements?
BO/SKO: This is the first stationary Bufet Truck location, so there were a lot of dreams. We were limited by space and budget, but we managed to meet the investor's main requirement: a place that will be memorable, and one that is appropriate in relation to the delicacies served here. Bufet Truck is already almost a cult place in Poznan, delicious artisanal casseroles made from the best products - it was important that a place be created that would go along with them.

Zapiekanki z Bufet Truck na Jeżycach w Poznaniu Klimat lat 90. w Zapieksach na poznańskich Jeżycach. BOSKO

The inspiration invariably came from the 1990s - simplicity, light madness, but using noble materials

photo by Hanna Połczyńska | kroniki studio

Basia: Where did the idea for such a selection of colors and materials come from?
BO/SKO: The inspiration was invariably the 1990s - simplicity, light madness, but using noble materials.

Basia: What was the biggest challenge, and what gave you the most satisfaction in the whole process?
BO/SKO: Definitely the budget and the square footage - we have to admit it was very stimulating for us!

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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