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3 questions for Wojciech Bielecki, president of the Lublin branch of SARP

27 of January '20

In the next installment of our series of conversations with new presidents and presidents of the Association of Polish Architects about why it's worth becoming a member of SARP, we talk to Wojciech Bielecki, president of the association 's Lublin branch.

SARP Lublin Branch

Wojciech Bielecki
president of the SARP branch in Lublin

© SARP Lublin Branch

A&B: What program of activities of the SARP branch do you envision for the near future? Are there any changes planned?

Wojciech Bielecki: Every change brings with it some consequences, and such a change took place with the election of a new president and board. However, I do not plan any significant reforms, at first we will focus on continuing strictly statutory activities. I would like to integrate our environment even more, especially the younger generation. It seems to me that fewer and fewer young representatives are joining the Association. Due to the deepening "degradation" of our profession, it is necessary to widely promote the architectural profession through activities outside SARP. We also intend to continue promoting competitions as the best way for procurement of design work. In addition, I look forward to fresh ideas from the new board.

A&B: How many members are there in the branch and how much are the dues?

Wojciech Bielecki: As of the election date, SARP Lublin Branch had 125 members. The fee for members is 12,50 PLN. For members up to 3 years after obtaining a university degree, the fee is PLN 7.50. Members of retirement age are exempt from fees.

A&B: Why is it worth being a member of SARP?

Wojciech Bielecki: "Why is it worth being in SARP" or "what will SARP give me"? Questions that have always been present.
It seems to me that there is no clear answer. There are different rationales. Nowadays, about sixty percent of active architects are in the single-person design business. The association gives them an opportunity to meet other architects on a more collegial than professional level, an opportunity to exchange views regardless of experience and age. Through SARP, architects can have a real impact on raising the profile of the profession. On this level in particular, it is important to act as a group, which is possible through the Association. SARP is the members. Without them the Association would not exist, while without SARP there would probably no longer be competitions, the best way to procure design work.

I would venture to say that every SARP member would answer the above questions differently. In particular, we are architects, decided individualists. But we have one thing in common - for all of us Architecture is an important aspect of life.

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