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3 questions for Adriana Patalas, president of the Olsztyn branch of SARP

20 of January '20

Adriana Patalas talks about the thriving activities of the Olsztyn branch of the Society of Polish Architects, in a series of interviews with new SARP presidents and CEOs.

SARP Olsztyn Branch

Adriana Patalas

Adriana Patalas
President of the SARP branch in Olsztyn

Photo: Bohdan Lisowski

A&B: What program of activities of the SARP branch do you envision for the near future? Are there any changes planned?

Adriana Patalas: The Olsztyn branch of SARPis a thriving team. For many terms now, successive presidents have taken care of the broad activation of the community, organizing many branch events and undertakings. Thanks to this, the branch can boast a growing number of new members every year. Those young in seniority, under the guidance of the more experienced ones, can develop their ideas and take an active part in various activities adequate to their interests. The branch tries to support every activity in accordance with the statute of the association.
Due to the very good condition of the branch, as the new president I do not plan revolutionary changes in the functioning of the branch, but mainly the continuation of cyclical events and ongoing support for new initiatives.

Among the organized events we should certainly mention the training and integrationworkshop in Galiny. During the weekend meeting, we have been cementing intra- as wellas inter-branch relations for many years.

We also organize trips to beautiful Polish cities to discover the development of Polish architecture, according to the slogan "you praise others, you don't know your own". In recent years, we have visited Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lublin. Thanks to the kindness of fellow architects, who show us around inaccessible everyday corners of the buildings they design, we have an exceptional and unique opportunity to listen to interesting stories from the design and construction stages. These trips provide invaluable practical knowledge and, of course, inspiration.

Another event that we want to continue is the "Week with Architecture". The event initiated by the late arch. Włodzimierz Mucha - SARP vice president for creative affairs, is intended to be an informal platform for meetings and discussions between architects and city residents. It is precisely because of the memory of our deceased colleague, who was born in Olsztyn, among other things, that we plan to maintain the short tradition of its organization so far. The formula of this event is primarily to open the environment to the local community and, according to the statute, to take care of the stature of the profession in the context of its social and cultural importance.

Every year we also organize workshops for children, exhibitions and conferences. We are active in a variety of areas, from improving the qualifications of architects to raising architectural awareness among the public. As a branch, we strive to support various initiatives in accordance with the statute.

A&B: How many members are there in the branch and how much are the dues?

Adriana Patalas: At the moment the Olsztyn branch consists of 111 members. The monthly fee is PLN 10, with a 25% discount given if payment is made in advance for the year. For young members, for a period of 5 years after graduation, there is a reduced fee of 5 PLN. Retirees and pensioners and those on maternity leave are exempt from dues.

A&B: Why is it important to be a member of SARP?

Adriana Patalas: We are not a large branch, so our relations are very collegial. Members of SARP Olsztyn Branch can count on many activities that integrate our environment, as well as information that brings the problems of our profession closer. We strive to ensure that through our activities each architect of our ranks, receive the necessary information needed to consciously and creatively create space for the benefit of the public. He can also count on our help and support in developing his own initiatives or facing difficult professional situations.

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