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3 questions for Maciej Zuber, president of the Bielsko-Biala branch of SARP

13 of January '20

Why is it worth becoming a member of SARP? What development plans does Maciej Zuber, president of the association 's Bielsko-Biała branch, have? Answers to these questions can be found in the next episode of interviews with the new SARP authorities for the 2019-2023 term.

SARP Bielsko-Biala Branch

Maciej Zuber
president of the SARP branch in Bielsko-Biała

© SARP Bielsko-Biała Branch

A&B: What program of activities of the SARP branch do you envision for the near future? Are there any changes planned?

Maciej Zuber: I would like to warm up contacts with the Local Government of Bielsko-Biała, which for unknown reasons for many years practically ceased to exist. It was only at the end of the previous term that the Board of Directors of our branch succeeded in resuming the dialogue with the City and successfully conducted a competition for an Interactive Fairy Tale and Animation Center for SFR (Studio of Cartoon Films in Bielsko-Biala) and a Study Competition for the Factory Square in Bielsko-Biala(which was commissioned by the Bielsko-Biala City Hall). I also intend to visit the Authorities of neighboring Municipalities and Towns to convince them to announce architectural competitions to select the best proposal for their planned investments. Because who is the best advisory body in this field, if not architects?

It is very important to me to mobilize architects - both from Bielsko-Biala County and neighboring counties - to join the structures of SARP, but above all to actively participate in the development of our branch and teach the public to be sensitive to the surrounding reality.

There are three branches of SARP in the Silesian province: Katowice, Częstochowa and Bielsko-Biała. For many years now, we have been able to count on each other for support and to cooperate in activities. I intend to strengthen the relationship between our branches as much as possible and, among other things, the meetings organized twice a year by the Katowice branch at the House of Creative Work of Architects (also known as "Willa Ziętka") are an ideal place for this.

My dream is to bring about the creation of a place in Bielsko-Biala, managed by the SARP Bielsko-BialaBranch, where residents will be able to meet architects, talk over coffee and listen to lectures. A place where you will be able to come to an exhibition, concert, watch a play or film about architecture (and more) and after the film participate in a discussion. Without the City Authorities this would not be possible, the dialogue with the City on this topic has already begun, but I won't say more because I don't want to jinx it.

A&B: How many members are there in the branch and how much are the dues?

Maciej Zuber: The Bielsko-Białabranch has 57 members, 18 of whom are retired, which entails an exemption from membership fees. The membership fee is PLN 11 per month.

A&B: Why is it worth being a member of SARP?

Maciej Zuber: The Association of Polish Architects is an organization of architects who, being aware of the responsibility that rests on us, want to shape in people sensitivity and respect for the surrounding reality in a social act. SARP, being a nationwide institution, definitely facilitates such activities for architects. Membership in the association also means building a professional community that enables the exchange of views and experiences, so it is worth it.

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