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3 questions for Wojciech Krawczuk, president of the Poznań branch of SARP

23 of December '19

Recently, the local branches of the Association of Polish Architects held elections of new authorities for the 2019-2023 term[results]. In the pages of our portal, we decided to introduce you to the plans of the newly elected presidents of the association. In today's episode of the series, Wojciech Krawczuk will talk about the goals of the Poznań branch of SARP.

SARP, or the Society of Polish Architects, is an organization of architects throughout the country. Its history can be traced back to 1877 - the initiative of builders and engineers from the Krakow Technical Society, and later, in 1899, the activity of architects in the Warsaw Society for the Promotion of Trade and Industry. A continuation of these activities was the Delegation of Polish Architects, established in 1908, whose main task was to represent the aspirations of Polish architects operating in all annexations - creating common architectural expositions, organizing competitions, developing a common position on the protection of the architectural profession, making demands on the organization of architectural education and developing the rules of architectural competitions.

In 1919, the Warsaw Circle of Architects organized the First General Assembly of Architects, and in 1926 the Association of Polish Architects - SAP - was established. At the congress of Polish architectural associations, the establishment of the institution of periodic conventions of delegates (Delegation of Polish Architects) was passed, and the Union of Associations of Polish Architects - ZSAP - was established in Poznan. In 1934, the General Assembly of Delegates in Warsaw established the Association of Architects of the Republic of Poland - SARP, which united the existing organizations of architects. The name was changed in 1952 to the Association of Polish Architects, but the acronym SARP was retained.

SARP Poznań Branch

Wojciech Krawczuk
president of the SARP branch in Poznań

© SARP Poznań Branch

A&B: What program of activities of the SARP branch do you assume for the nearest future? Are there any changes planned?

Wojciech Krawczuk: The Board will continue the formula of activities developed in previous terms. Due to the large number of young people on the Board, I would like us to turn more towards universities educating architects and towards the needs of future students of the profession, to increase the attractiveness of events organized by the branch, while taking advantage of the experience of people withlonger experience in the profession, we want to work out with the local government the right standards for organizing architectural and urbanplanning competitions, as well as look at the facilities under construction in the province.

A&B: How many members are there in the branch and how much are the dues?

Wojciech Krawczuk: We currently have 299 members, including 77 retirees. The membership fee is PLN 15 per month / PLN 180 per year, pensioners do not pay, and university graduates up to three years from their diploma year have a 50 percent discount.

A&B: Why is it important to be a member of SARP?

Wojciech Krawczuk: Maybe because it is one of the few organizations of the architectural community with such a long tradition. Besides, it's also a benefit for members of the Association, access to information about current competitions or investment plans of the agglomeration, debates, workshops, exhibitions and visits to important buildings in Poznań, as well as contact with other organizations of this kind throughout the country.

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