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Once a phone factory and now an industrial loft

19 of July '22
Technical data
Name: Loft apartment
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Krakow
Studio: The Line Studio
Architects: Dominika Guca-Krawczyk, Magda Załoga
Photos: Ayuko Studio
Area: 55 m²

The building of a former telephone factory in Cracow was adapted a few years ago for residential functions. Eighty apartments were created in it, and the owner of one of them became a young man, who, looking for the perfect solution to reflect the former industrial character of the interior , approached the architects from The Line Studio.

Wnętrze utrzymane jest w stonowanych kolorach

The interior is kept in subdued colors

Photo: Ayuko Studio © The Line Studio

Dobrawa Bies: We're looking into a loft-style apartment today. What was previously in this space and how did you adapt it, are there any elements left from the previous interior?

Magdalena Załoga: Previously, there was a telephone factory in this space. The developer adapted the old factory building for residential functions and arranged more than eighty apartments. The high ceilings were covered with drywall, and the apartments were adjusted to standard heights. So it was necessary to put it in reverse gear and forge something:) Fortunately, we were able to forge the suspended ceilings, expose the concrete ceilings and thus discover an incredibly design-inspired space.

Niestandardowa wysokość pozwoliła na zbudowanie antresoli

The non-standard height made it possible to build a mezzanine floor

Photo credit: Ayuko Studio © The Line Studio

Dobrawa: The loft is owned by a student, did he have any specific design guidelines? Definite pros and cons of certain solutions?

Magdalena: Our client, a sociology student at the time, is a vegan and is heavily involved in human and animal rights activities. In the apartment we gave up completely on furnishings made of leather, wool or animal fur. That's why, for example, the chesterfield armchair was made of a material stylized as shabby leather. All accessories were kept to a minimum. In accordance with the investor's guidelines, we used a sparing and subdued color scheme.

Rzut mieszkania i antresoli

apartment and mezzanine floor plan

© The Line Studio

Dobrawa: Thanks to the considerable height of the apartment, you have separated the bedroom area on the mezzanine, which allowed you to maintain a larger, open space. Tell us about some other design tricks, please.

Magdalena: Industrial interior design is all about functionality, especially in the case of small apartments, as well asdetails that emphasize character. Stylized light fixtures, exposed structural elements and even light switches all matter and strongly define the space. Electrical cables, therefore, were run along the wall once again, even though a new installation ran under the plaster. The radiators proposed by the developer, we replaced with ribbed radiators from Vasco's vintage collection. Made of steel, coated with clear lacquer, they beautifully complement the character of the apartment. The form and proportions of the retro-styled Vintage 50 model, perfectly harmonize with the black design of the bookcases and mezzanine, as well as with other finishing elements. The concrete ceiling further emphasized the loft character of the interior.

Sypialnia na antresoli z widocznym surowym sufitem Wnętrze łazienki utrzymano w czarno-białych kolorach

The architects exposed the concrete ceiling and ran cables along the wall

Photo: Ayuko Studio © The Line Studio

Dobrawa: Your favorite element in this apartment is?

Magdalena: The loft in its development state didn't have a mezzanine, although, it begged for one with its four-meter height. The custom height of the room allowed us to separate a private area with a workspace and a bedroom. In order not to close off the mezzanine space, we used an openwork structure made of metal in black, which, when supplemented with wooden boxes, serves as a bookcase. Although several years have passed since the realization of the loft apartment, the raw industrial aesthetic enriched with retro elements remains current and expressive.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview!

interviewed by: Dobrawa Bies

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