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Solid oak, colors and good energy. Warsaw apartment designed by HAST Design

Katarzyna Domagała
01 of June '21
Technical data
Name: An apartment in Warsaw for the modern man
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: HAST Design
Architect: Hanna Stylinska
Photography: Mikołaj Dąbrowski

Project implementation:


- I dream of an atmospheric interior that evokes fond memories," the client told Hanna Stylinska of HAST Design. After many years of living in Montreal, Hong Kong and Milan, he wanted his own personalized corner where he would feel, quite simply, at home. And so a very cozy, though largely using modern solutions, apartment for a modern man was created, where oak motifs and colors play a major role.

Emphasize the strengths of the existing space

Hanna Stylinska, the architect responsible for the project and founder of HAST Design Studio, points out that from the beginning it was intended to be an interior that does not strictly adhere to a particular style, although one can sense obvious references to mid-century modern. The main direction of the project was to be given by the tastes of the owner of the apartment, as well as the desire to create a sentimental climate in the interior.

We wanted to create a cozy, unobvious, but at the same time very functional interior, which will evoke good emotions and pleasant memories," explains the architect.

The space was created in an apartment in one of Warsaw's blocks of apartments from the year 2000. It needed to be renovated, but the designer decided not to follow the path that is often practiced nowadays and not to tear down the walls, but to emphasize the strengths of the existing space as much as possible.

I like to approach such projects from the other side, that is, not to demolish everything in order to create new zones. I look closely at the pondered layout, bring out the maximum space and try to highlight the assets. In this case, it worked great, because we were able to show the beauty of the rounded walls, which were practically unnoticeable before," explains Hanna Stylinska.

rebellion against concrete! - solid oak and colors

It is in vain to look for concrete accents in this interior, so fashionable in recent years. The owner has already indicated at the outset that he wants the solutions used in his apartment to be a rebellion against concrete! Looking for a way to satisfy the client, the architect suggested that two motifs would dominate the design: oak and colors. Custom-made solid wood laths are hosted both in the hallway in the role of modern wainscoting, behind the bed in the bedroom, and in a section of the bookcase in the living room.

Dębowe lamele w holu spełniają rolę gustownej boazerii Szafka i regał zostały wykonane na zamówienie

Solid oak, from which the laths were made, warms up the interior

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

The semi-wooden hallway is kept in light colors and the warmth of wood. A spectacular impression is made by a huge round mirror, which gives the interior elegance and optically enlarges the space.

W holu stanęła również ławka wykonana z naturalnych materiałów

In the hall also stood a bench made of natural materials

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

In turn, the colors blue, red, brick-red and mustard can be found both on the walls, in furniture and accessories. In the living room, against the blue wall, stood a mustard corner sofa with a wooden coffee table, under which rests a patterned rug in ethno style. Next to it, on the other hand, a work space was organized in a retro climate.

W salonie architektka wykorzystała meble z ciemnego drewna

In the living room, the architect used dark wood furniture

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

An important role is also played by, at first glance unobvious, accessories made of brass and colored glass. The icing on the cake among the accessories is the neon sign "Negroni Bar" which is a memory of nightlife in Italy for the owner. After dark, it reportedly transforms the home office area into an Italian aperitivo!

Neonowy napis najefektywniej prezentuje się po zgaszeniu światła

The neon sign looks most effective when the lights are off

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

This project proves that it is possible to create a colorful, not overpowering space that is very livable. Complementing the colors is a very large amount of solid oak and brass. These two materials warm up the apartment and have sentimental value for the owner himself," says Hanna Stylinska.

An intriguing design element are the wall sconces, which were installed over the bedroom bed. They are made of alabaster and stand out clearly among the blues and reds that dominate the bedroom.

Kinkiety zostały wykonane z alabastru  NIeforemny kształt lustra sprawia, że wnętrze wydaje się nieco surrealistyczne

The bedroom wall lamps were made of alabaster

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

A bathroom as if from Wes Anderson's films

The room where the effects of playing with colors are most evident is the bathroom. The designer not without reason described it as: "taken out as if from the films of Wes Anderson", the author of, among others, "Lovers of the Moon" and "Grand Budapest Hotel", pictures with multicolored scenery. In the bathroom, as in the bedroom, the dominant colors are blue and white, which have been enlivened with a red cabinet. Black fixtures, a geometric mirror and a free-standing bathtub add a modern touch.

Łazienka niczym z filmów Wesa Andersona Czarna armatura dodaje łazience nowoczesnego sznytu

The bathroom cabinet was also custom-made

© Mikolaj Dabrowski

What remains to be seen is whether the atmosphere of the apartment is conducive to sentimental reflections... Reliable sources report that it is.

Katarzyna Domagała

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