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Noble materials and warm browns. Apartment from Projektyw studio

Dobrawa Bies
02 of December '20

Architects from {tag:pracownie} created an interior of the apartment, where subdued, warm colors, noble materialsand original designer furniture lead the way. Note the specially stained wood shade!

One hundred and ten square meters of theAsh apartment houses an entrance hall, a bedroom with a dressing room, a hall, two bathrooms, a guest room, an office, a living room with a kitchen, and a utility room. The investor couple, Tomasz and Ela, are characterized by their attention to detail, love of good materials and originality of interiors. These were also the results they expected from the architects of the Projektyw studio.

Salon z meblami
BoConcept Meble od BoConcept

Cognac leather of designer furniture adds character to the interior.

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

During the cooperation, we did not get the so-called inspiration and aesthetic guidelines from the investors. So the work was focused on designing and looking for a style that would be an individual and personalized version of the interior. We worked on a large number of material samples, their juxtapositions and looking for the ideal solution that would appeal to the investors. - say the designers.

Jedna z sypialni

Each room has its own individual character

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

The architects wanted to use bold materials and textures. They introduced a lot of patterns, wallpapers, textures and noble materials into the apartment. Cognac leather in the furniture from BoConcept, the Casa dolce Casa mosaic by the Florim group over the kitchen countertop and, above all, the amazing, specially dyed at the request of the designers, shade of wood used on the furniture add character to the interior.

Ozdobne meble Specjalnie wybarwiane drewno

Black accessories and a special shade of wood

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

A lot of natural light enters the apartment, so it was important to choose the right color scheme. The materials proposed by the architects have warm and honey shades that enhance the effect of natural lighting. The color breakthrough is created by black accessories and details. However, the breakthrough is created by black accessories and details.

Rzut ogólny mieszkania

The apartment has an area of one hundred and ten square meters

© Projektyw

The investors also wanted zoned lighting to accentuate the interior in various ways. The architects used dimmable light bulbs, and hid a projector and screen in the ceiling of the living room. An additional accent both in terms of lighting and creating a homey atmosphere is a gas fireplace.

Wnętrze jasnej
sypialni Czarne dodatki

A lot of natural light enters the apartment

Photo: Maja Bulkowska © Projektyw

Thanks to the materials, textures and colors used, Projektyw studio created an atmospheric and cozy interior, where each room has its own individual character.

Dobrawa Bies

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