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Twins Apartments - original apartments for rent from Cechownia studio

16 of June '20

Apartments for rent are often unremarkable, filled with the cheapest furniture from popular furniture stores and shoddy decorations (if any at all). Few landlords choose to enlist the help of interior designers. And that's a shame, because many of us probably wouldn't mind living in one of Twins' colorful apartments.

An unusual, expressive and temperamental color palette, carefully selected "sympathetic" furniture and humorous details - the 62-meter apartments are proof that apartments for rent can surprise with original design, perfect functionality and masterful attention to detail. Architects from the {tag :Pracownia} studio have created interiors that, right after crossing the threshold, optimistically set the mood for life, add energy and evoke good memories. Even the shortest stay in such an arranged space gives pleasure, becoming one of the many positive elements of the journey.

Among the main expectations of the investors was that the interiors of the two apartments, which have mirror projections of each other, should be arranged in a pleasant, casual atmosphere. The architects faced a major challenge in creating such a space that, in addition to being light and modern, would also be universal.

Apartamenty Twins - ładne apartamenty na wynajem

A characteristic element of such a design is certainly special attention to the selection of materials and their durability

Photo: PION Studio

Designing an interior for a stranger, especially when the investor gives the architect a free hand, can be a very interesting experience. A characteristic element of such a design is certainly special attention to the selection of materials and their durability. Unconventional design today must go hand in hand with perfect functionality and the possibility of long-term use. Unfortunately, the belief still prevails that a rented apartment is cared for less than one's own ," emphasizes the owner of the studio, Aleksandra Grzonka.

color in the center

The leitmotif of the apartments is expressive colors, which build the character of the entire room. Intense tones of blue perfectly harmonize with energetic orange and warm brown. Elegance and class of the whole is added by timeless white and black. It is colorful and unconventional. In the blue kitchen the leading role is played by an original kitchen island with hockers, which is an ideal place for both morning coffee and a workstation. High kitchen furniture in two shades of blue captivates with its economical form, attracting the eye with its unusual color and beautiful, elegant handles. Capacious cabinets to the ceiling are an excellent use of space, but also a guarantee that the apartment will not run out of storage space both for those renting the apartment independently and for families with children. Metal lampshades in milky white illuminate the "heart of the house."

additions in the center

Apartamenty Twins - oryginalne wnętrza na wynajem Apartamenty Twins - oryginalne dodatki

The living area could not lack elegant details

photo: PION Studio

The focal point of the living room is an elegant corner sofa on wooden legs, which looks great surrounded by a designer armchair and a modern coffee table in an unusual color of ripe orange. The light-hearted character of this part of the apartment is emphasized by wall lamps by Laga - their original design and colors do not allow you to pass by them indifferently. The living area could not lack elegant details. Beige curtains, striped carpet and a painting create a synchronous whole with carefully selected furniture. The architects kept a similar character of the interior in the bedroom. The warm, cozy atmosphere of this space is created by the wooden floor and wooden accents behind the bed, next to which stand blue bedside tables - again with elegant handles. But the bedroom has its own character! It is added by an unusual light installation and original orange pillow handles. It is atmospheric, atmospheric, but certainly not cliché.

patterns in the interior

The casual, light-hearted style of the interior was also preserved in the bathroom. Surrounded by orange and white walls, the architects opted for elegant bathroom accessories. The bowl-shaped countertop washbasin, built-in bathtub and classic bathroom fixtures complemented by simple ceiling lighting create an unobvious but coherent whole. There is one more detail worth noting in the apartment, which testifies to the courage of the designers and their excellent sense of convention and style. The blue checkered wallpaper juxtaposed with a white classic desk and a chair with an upholstered seat in orange looks surprisingly good.

Apartamenty Twins - apartamenty na wynajem Apartamenty Twins projektu Cechownia

An unusual color palette, unusual accessories and attention to detail reign here

photo: PION Studio

Architects from Cechownia studio created exceptional interiors of apartments for rent. They are dominated by an unusual color palette, unusual accessories and attention to detail. Breaking convention and going their own way in creating places for rent overturns stereotypes that such spaces must be similar and predictable. Twins Apartments is proof that intense colors in interiors together with original furniture and accessories together create a perfect whole.

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