JEMS Architekci

JEMS Architekci studio was founded in 1988, but the architectural team that is the nucleus of the office has been operating continuously since the early 1980s. Beginning independent practice during the period of political transformation, JEMS joined the current of rebuilding Polish architectural culture. Currently, the core of the team consists of eight partners and associates.

Partnership cooperation implemented in the formula of an office - workshop, with the participation of the entire JEMS team, creates a space for conversation and exploration, exchange of ideas and views. JEMS is an office of open discussion and debate. This is our fundamental value.

We treat reality both as a matter of creation and as a framework for our activities. Its complexity we try to read through the filter of culture, history and tradition, the context of the place. In the multifacetedness of this reading, as well as in the limitations and conflicts that modernity brings, we seek sources of inspiration. We traverse areas that often do not offer a chance to formulate a quick, unambiguous and synthetic design answer. We never dreamed of a universal method - a strategy. Discovered as a result of study and observation, we find images, associations, feelings, orders and rules, as it were, "on the way", guided by experiences accumulated over the years, intuition. On this road, surprising discoveries appear, including to ourselves. They give meaning to our efforts. In our works, we try to find what is specific to each topic. Define the theme so that it becomes the canvass of architectural exploration. The architecture of JEMS avoids the epathema of form, we seek as much the essence of things as the things themselves. We refer to what is beyond history: order, tectonics, fascination with the natural possibilities of materials, light, passing time, proportions and rules of form construction. The most satisfying projects for us are those that were created as coherent, holistic ideas - they were first told and discussed, described in terms of the sequence of spaces, structures, the search for a unique proper and friendly atmosphere, the materials used, textures, lights and moods, and only then drawn and built.

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