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Elegant black in the bathroom

12 of May '22

Current trends are a rich source of inspiration and allow us to depart from the tried-and-true. As a result, we can get an intriguing decor, where functional elements additionally play the role of practical, subtle decorations. Such possibilities are guaranteed, for example, by fashionable fixtures in black and matte finish.

LOGO Dual Shower System

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For several years now, chrome faucets have had increasingly strong competition in the form of other colors. Initially these were shades of copper, gold and brass. Over time, however, both colors and types of finishes (semi-matte, matte, 3D textures) increased. Today, black faucets with a velvety matte surface are a real hit. It's also worth remembering that modern production technologies provide fixtures not only with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also high resistance to damage and ease of care. This, by the way, is the key thing with black faucets - because you may be afraid that it is difficult to keep them clean. Meanwhile, this is no more challenging than, for example, in the case of chrome faucets. It's enough to wipe the faucet with a cloth, without the need for polishing.

PURE&STYLE basin mixer

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A well-matched duo

The color black is synonymous with timeless elegance. It performs well especially in a classic combination, namely black & white. Such a color scheme is, for example, the basis of the glamour style. In the arrangement of the bathroom we can confidently bet on this duet. On a white background black faucets will be a distinctive accent. Their combination with white ceramics and white brick tiles (metro type) will be perfect. However, it is worth remembering that such a design element does not like strong competition. For this, it is good to refer to it, for example, choosing all the faucets in the bathroom from the same line and complementing them with black profiles of furniture or shower cabinets, as well as lighting elements. Lovers of black may also be tempted to combine faucets in this color with a black sink and bathtub. Other color possibilities? The industrial style is worthy of recommendation. Black faucets also look good against a gray background (e.g. reproducing concrete) and in the company of decors imitating patinated wood. They can also be juxtaposed with pastel colors and stone decors.


© Kludi

Elegant and functional

Black bathroom fixtures - from faucets to shower sets - are available in both modern and stylized designs. However, it is the streamlined design that is most popular. A perfect example is the KLUDI PURE&STYLE series in black. The beautiful, subtle line of fittings is characterized by straight lines and rounded edges in SoftEdge style. The black matte version charms with its smooth, velvety surface. It is beautiful, and at the same time - very practical to use and easy to care for.


© Kludi

Elegant design is accompanied by optimized functionality, making the PURE&STYLE series products easier to use every day. The wide range of products allows for a perfect fit with basins and bathtubs of different sizes and heights. Bathtub and shower faucets are designed so that the body is as close to the wall as possible, thus gaining additional space in the bathroom. High-quality components: ceramic heads or an ergonomic switch in the form of a button, used in bathtub and shower faucets, allow easy adjustment and are a guarantee of trouble-free operation for many years. Out of concern for the environment, the manufacturer has also taken care of limited water flow - up to 5 l/min at 3 bar. Despite the reduction in flow, the comfort of the faucet remains the same, the stream is aerated and pleasant to the touch.

Black mixers are a real interior hit of recent seasons. It is distinctive, eye-catching, and at the same time impresses with its smooth, delicate surface. Both raw, industrial surroundings and classic style are perfect company for it. Wherever it appears, it provides a unique effect and pleasure of use.

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KLUDI brochure with black fixtures

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