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A house full of light and natural materials. Boho by Madde studio

Dobrawa Bies
13 of October '22
Technical data
Name: Modern house in boho style
Location: Poland, Baranów, Kępno municipality
Studio: Madde
Design team: Maja Górowska, Karolina Koryniowska, Kamila Potocka
Area: 350 m²
Photos: Hanna Połczyńska | Kroniki Studio


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The surroundings of a pine forest, the vast, bright space and, above all, the investors' love of natural materials and boho style, influenced the design decisions of the architects from Madde, who were entrusted with work on the interiors of the house in Baranowo. This is the first such large-scale project by the Wroclaw-based designers. The result? See for yourself.

Jadalnia z widokiem na ogród

The interiors are dominated by natural wood

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

Work on the design of the house in Baranow lasted about two years. During this time we managed to get to know our investors - Wioletta and Mariusz - and gain their trust in the project entrusted to us. The house under construction, at an incredibly fast pace, was already their second construction. This translated into a great awareness of their own needs and decisions. For us, it was the first such a large project, which gave us extraordinary motivation to develop a coherent concept. Mariusz focused on modern solutions and technologies from the beginning. Wioletta is a fan of boho style, original accessories and natural materials. Our role was to combine these characters, to find a balance between minimalism and family atmosphere," says architect Maja Górowska.

Staircase A fragment of the dining room

The monumental staircase was supposed to make an impression

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

important first impression

According to the designers, the layout of the house was exceptionally well thought out, which allowed them to lay out the rooms in a functional way.

The main entrance to the house had to be impressive. We opted for the right scale, designing a monumental staircase in the form of micro-cement finished landings, with solid wood treads," Maja adds.

Right next to it is a toilet, where the platform refers to the form of the stairs. Attention is drawn to the high bowl of the sink and the large round mirror hanging above it.

Kuchnia z widokiem na salon

An accent in the kitchen is created by green hockers

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

Passing the stairs and the guest room, we move to the dining room. Its centerpiece is the author's custom-made solid oak table. The table, designed to seat as many as twelve people, is contrasted by delicate chairs. They are accompanied by two armchairs designed by Pierre Jeanneret and a composition of hanging lamps. The space is complemented by a black display case for tableware and wine display, and an elm wood dresser.

Wnętrza to mix minimalizmu i naturalnych materiałów

The interiors are a mix of minimalism and natural materials

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

the heart of the house: the kitchen!

At the heart of the house is the kitchen overlooking the covered terrace. The center of the kitchen is the island, where the household members eat their meals. Green hockers and hanging industrial black lamps catch the eye. The main kitchen is divided into two parts - a wall finished with natural veneer and a kitchen range kept in white color and a countertop of gray structural conglomerate. Dark green kitchen appliances add a designer touch to the whole room.

W salonie króluje granatowa kanapa i szklane lampy

The living room is dominated by a navy blue sofa and glass lamps

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

living room a place for relaxation

Next to the kitchen is the living room, which is dominated by a huge navy blue sofa, placed in front of the fireplace. They are accompanied by a wooden rectangular bench. What is unique here is the height of the room, which is more than four meters. In order to introduce some coziness, the architects decided to use a wooden beam under the ceiling. Between the beams they hung glass lamps on strings, inspired by the wick of a candle. The height of the living room is emphasized by a bookcase with books and decorations, o next to it on the wall hangs an abstract painting.

Tropical bathroom

The bathroom takes us to the tropics

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

some tropics

Responsible for introducing greenery into the house are the girls from the Wroclaw Plants Project, with whom the architects jointly selected the appropriate species and their placement. In a house with so much light, all the plants are doing great! A tropical touch can also be found in the spacious main bathroom on the first floor, where green ceramic tiles appeared. Here the architects placed a freestanding bathtub, natural wood furniture and accessories woven from grass.

dressing table bedroom

The bedroom is kept in boho style

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

bedroom with a hint of boho

On the first floor, opposite the bathroom is the master bedroom with an adjoining dressing room. Here, too, the architects proposed an original bed made of solid wood. Next to it stand hourglass-like wooden bedside tables, and a bench in the legs. Rattan lamps complete the composition. The space is divided by a wooden lamella wall, behind which is a dressing table. A warm element is an original Moroccan rug made of natural wool that is soft to the touch. Oil paintings adorning the walls of the entire house are done by artist Albertyna Kacalak-Sicinska.

Sypialnia z garderobą

A closet is hidden behind the bedroom wall

Photo: Hanna Połczyńska|Kroniki Studio © Madde

We spent a lot of time and energy working on this project, but the results are incredibly satisfying for us, mainly due to great relations with the investors and successful cooperation in creating the interiors. The effect was captured in photos by Hania Połczyńska of Kronika Studio. Her fresh look at the whole house, which we already knew so well, was the last missing element, thanks to which, after such a long time, we can finally present the project," the architects conclude.

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