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New KOPI boutique in Warsaw designed by NOKE ARCHITECTS

03 of August '20

All those who are familiar with the jewelry designed by Natalia Kopiszka know very well that these are small works of art full of femininity and bold in form. It is thanks to her that many of us wear original brooches and the already iconic earrings-eyes, and now we decorate our interiors with shapely vases and candles. KOPI's new boutique is the quintessence of the brand's philosophy!

NOKE Architects designed thenew KOPI boutique on Oleandrów Street in Warsaw. Until now, the brand was mainly known for its jewelry, but now it has also expanded its offer to include unique, handmade home accessories, such as irregularly shaped mirrors, lamps, vases, candles and even doorknobs in the shape of a woman's body! Just one of these leads inside the Warsaw boutique.

Nowy butik KOPI w Warszawie. Nowy butik KOPI w Warszawie projektu NOKE Architects

Irregularly shaped mirrors, lamps, vases, candles, and even doorknobs in the shape of a woman's body! Just one of them leads to the interior of a Warsaw boutique

Photo left: Piotr Maciaszek, right: Nate Cook

inspiration from travel

The architects' goal was to design an interior that follows the brand's philosophy. The starting point was the soft, irregular shapes of KOPI jewelry and the inspiration brought by designer Natalia Kopiszka from her travels to Morocco and the Côte d'Azur.

The rounded design of the counter, the muted shades of Moroccan pink and terracotta, or the wall giving the impression of having been strewn with desert sand created a backdrop for the glittering jewelry. The ceiling was inspired by the starry sky. Pink marble, heavy curtains, upholstered seats and poufs transported clients and customers to the feminine world of KOPI.

Nowy butik KOPI w Warszawie. Marka z polską biżuterią.

Everything was designed with attention to the smallest detail

photo by Nate Cook

Everything was designed with attention to the smallest detail. The shade of the jewelry trays was matched to the curtains, these in turn to the parquet floor, and the parquet floor to the walls, so the architects achieved a total-looking effect. All this is done so that everyone who comes here can break away from everyday life and, at least for a moment, feel as if they were in a Moroccan desert... full of original jewelry.

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