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Cafe in Jaworzno under the patronage of David Lynch. What does the director have in common with Polish architecture?

16 of March '21

David Lynch has become the official patron of a unique cafe in Jaworzno, which will be built on the first floor of the unusual Bethlehem CommunityHouse. How did the famous director learn about the project? And what connects the film artist with Polish architecture?

"Bethlehem" community house

The community brings together homeless people from the city of Jaworzno and the surrounding area. Led by a motivated priest, the group meets artists and cultural creators. Two years ago, fascinated by the works of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser , they decided to create a house inspired by his art. And so Father Miroslaw Tosza, on behalf of the group, turns to the Asymetria 44 architectural studio in Cracow for help in designing the Community House . We wrote more about the architectural plans: HERE. The project is underway, but Father Tosza and the Jaworzno homeless community are not waiting idly for the results....

visualization of the House on Dluga Street in Jaworzno | Asymmetry 44

A simple story, a factual version

The fates of the Bethlehem Community and David Lynch became intertwined in 2016. It was then that a group of Javorník's homeless gathered around this association went on a pilgrimage to Lisieux, France. They attracted the director's attention with their unusual means of transportation. Tractors with trailers. Their use was inspired by the story of Alvin Straight, the protagonist of David Lynch's "The Straight Story." The director, delighted with the idea, took patronage of the event, lending his support and providing good company for the film crew.

The pilgrims returned to Jaworzno, but the collaboration with Lynch also brought architectural results. The café that will soon be arranged on the first floor of the house will be under the patronage of the director.

The café will, of course, be called "Straight Story," a reference to David Lynch's film. On the walls will be photographs from the set of the film "Straight Story". The director will include it under his patronage," the priest told Tosza.

David Lynch coffee commercial | YouTube

David Lynch and Polish architecture

The creator of "Twin Peaks," "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Drive" is not only one of the most important contemporary directors. Among filmmakers he is known as a lover of Poland and Polish space. Why exactly does he return here?

In 2000, David Lynch, on the occasion of the Camerimage film festival, visited the Polish film capital, Lodz. It turned out that the city, along with its architecture, fit perfectly into his idea of a surrealist film set. The director fell in love with the "old textile capital of the world" after seeing the abandoned factories, architecture, dazzling winter lights, low-hanging gray clouds and bare trees.

Working with Polish artists, he became a frequent visitor, and eventually in 2006, planning to build a cultural center in Lodz.

We want to create a fantastic place. The old EC1 power plant will become a space for sculpture, theater, music of all kinds, cinema, dance, photography, painting and even metal work. Artists will inspire each other, exchange ideas and experiences. We will show their works in the gallery halls and sell them. This will allow them to earn money and the studio to support itself. We will try to find the perfect place between unfettered creativity and the market. - opined the director in an interview with Newsweek.

announcement of David Lynch's investment in Poland | excerpt from TV footage | YouTube

David Lynch and Polish composer Marek Zydowicz convinced the city to donate a 100-year-old power plant and subsidize the project. The director's friend Frank Gehry made the first designs, and residents hoped for the "Bilbao Effect"....

The center lived to see visuals and advanced plans, but... The city withdrew from the project after the change in local government, citing insufficient control over the project and financial difficulties. Lynch did not hide his resentment in interviews with the Polish press at the time.

An excerpt from David Lynch's film The Straight Story | YouTube

however, Jaworzno

This time it can't go wrong. Not only lovers of filmmaking, the movie Straight Story, but certainly those curious about interiors and architecture based on history will visit the cafe in Jaworzno. In a radio interview, Priest Tosz announced that the offerings will include the director's signature coffee. The café is scheduled to open in 2022, and we're already looking forward to visiting.

Marta Kowalska

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